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Listen to successful eBay sellers and entrepreneurs as they share their failures, successes and stories of their journey on the eBay trail. Ron and Ali ask the experts the questions that are on the minds of many¬†eBay sellers. Not an eBay seller yet? Subscribe to our podcast show on iTunes, listen to a few episodes and you will be inspired and motivated to prove to yourself you can sell on eBay. Already an eBay seller? Since no two eBay sellers are the same, you’re sure to gain some new ideas that would help you take your eBay business to the next level.

092: The Queen of Auctions – Lynn Dralle

For over 18 years, Lynn has made her living buying and selling on eBay.

She is a third-generation antiques dealer with over 40 years experience in the antiques business. She started helping her grandmother in the antiques store and at shows when she was just 4.

She is also an eBay consultant, author, and teacher. Her learning tools & free ezine will teach you how to sell online with eBay while staying organized, turning a profit, and having fun!

She loves selling on eBay and can’t stop– some people think she is addicted! In 2015, she sold over $100,000 worth of unique items on eBay and she wants to help you do the same.

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091: The Guy for Multi Channel Solution – Andrew Rowson

Andrew runs a company specifically focused on providing solutions for sellers on multichannel.

This is borne out of him previously running an eBay multi million dollar business started over 14 years ago.

His company works with small to medium enterprises to big corporations with their main aim being making them a success online.

With their partnership with M2E pro, a multichannel software solution they are able to automate a lot of the time consuming tasks allowing business owners to work on their business not in their business.

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088: The eBay SEO Savvy – Dave Snyder

Dave Snyder is an advanced eBay SEO consultant and creator of the Listing SEO Score (SM). He has been providing hands-on optimization services and leading eBay marketing strategies to select sellers since 2013 at ListingSeoScore.com.

Dave and his wife, Heather, have been selling on eBay at TheEcoBunny.com since 2009. Prior to selling on eBay, Dave was a commercial, industrial, and residential property tax consultant for a firm in the Chicago Loop. Combining his love for eBay and natural bent towards analysis, Dave has become the eBay SEO expert of choice to sellers large and small.

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