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081: Tennessee Pickin’ – Bret Pallotta and daughter Emily


Bret and his wife Tammy started an eBay business in 1999 to pay medical bills that had accumulated as a result of medical procedures incurred from fertility treatments and the birth of their daughter. They were able to stay home with their daughter and pay off all their medical bills. They sold the business in 2001, and sold personally on eBay for the next several years. A few years ago, in order to teach their daughter Emily a marketable skill, they started another Ebay business. Their eBay store is TENNESSEE IS OUR NECK OF THE WOODS.

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080: The eBay Guy of Southwest Airlines – Philip Tirelli

Philip is the founder of localARC, who are purveyors of airline memorabilia and vintage collectibles. An eBay member since 2002, localARC has found success in the niche market of airline memorabilia through offering unique inventory coupled with excellent customer service.

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079: The License Plate Garage – Tom and Barbara Sistak Baur

Tom Baur and Barbara Sistak operate the online store “License Plate Garage”. On eBay, Tom is known as The License Plate Guy and Barb has a store called The License Plate Gal. They are a husband and wife team that has brought together each of their individual strengths to support each other. The business is perfect for them because each fuel their passions. Tom for collecting and Barb for creating. When they met in 1999, Tom had a huge collection of license plates and an authority on old plates. Barb was an artist and creative entrepreneur with long technology experience. They recognized the opportunity before them and that is when they started their online business of vintage items.

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078: The Coin & Currency Expert Invades eBay – David McConaghy

David McConaghy is a Numismatist (coin expert) and owner of New England Coin Exchange. He opened his store 10 years ago with his Son Dylan who opened his own store in February. Prior to the coin business David was a co-founder of Lamina Lighting and NetSilicon which he helped take public on the Nasdaq at the height of dot com mania in 1999.

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