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Listen to successful eBay sellers and entrepreneurs as they share their failures, successes and stories of their journey on the eBay trail. Ron and Ali ask the experts the questions that are on the minds of many¬†eBay sellers. Not an eBay seller yet? Subscribe to our podcast show on iTunes, listen to a few episodes and you will be inspired and motivated to prove to yourself you can sell on eBay. Already an eBay seller? Since no two eBay sellers are the same, you’re sure to gain some new ideas that would help you take your eBay business to the next level.

084: Appealing Signs Through The Years – Rich Siok

Rich and his wife Nila have been selling on eBay since 2001. They have owned a commercial sign business for 20 years. They realized many years ago the power of e-commerce and with help from their sons began to pursue this new world. They currently have 2 e-commerce websites and sell on both eBay and Amazon. After many years of selling online, they now teach others to sell on eBay. They have had a Meetup group in Chicago since 2006 for anyone interested in selling on eBay, Amazon, & their own website, etc. They’re Meetup group has approx 1200 members. Rich began the ecomChicago Conference which has been held in Chicago area for the last 3 years. This event will be held this year, 2016 on October 21-22. This conference is for sellers of all levels and all platforms.

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081: Tennessee Pickin’ – Bret Pallotta and daughter Emily

Bret and his wife Tammy started an eBay business in 1999 to pay medical bills that had accumulated as a result of medical procedures incurred from fertility treatments and the birth of their daughter. They were able to stay home with their daughter and pay off all their medical bills. They sold the business in 2001, and sold personally on eBay for the next several years. A few years ago, in order to teach their daughter Emily a marketable skill, they started another Ebay business. Their eBay store is TENNESSEE IS OUR NECK OF THE WOODS.

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