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118: The Cowboy House: How To Hit A Home Run Selling On eBay – Chris Gordon

The Cowboy House is a hobby gone wild. Everyone knows that the Dallas Cowboys are America's team. In 2009, Chris and his wife Jennifer, took a risk and purchased the entire upper deck and half the lower bowl of stadium seats at public auction from the Old Texas Stadium in Irving Texas. From this, they grew a small business opening the first Sports memorabilia store in a 4 town area known as the Lake Cities.

They provide a custom framework, autographs, game used equipment, actual game turf and stadium seats from the old stadium. They also have NY Yankees seats, Ball Park in Arlington seats. SMU Moody Coliseum seats, etc…

They do many promotions with local businesses where they bring professional athletes to openings of sports-themed restaurants or simple shows where the public can meet players like Roger Staubach and Bo Jackson!

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116: human-I-T: 2017 eBay SHINE Awards Finalists – Gabe Middleton & James Jack

In 2012 Gabe & James co-founded human-I-T, a nonprofit focused on digital equity and sustainable e-waste management. Their humble beginning in a cell phone repair shop has crystallized their vision into what human-I-T is today. human-I-T breathes new life into your unwanted electronics; converting e-waste into opportunities for others.

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115: eBay Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Ciara Brown

Ciara Brown is 22 years old and was recently nominated as eBay's Young Entrepreneur of the year. Her business is called The Diamond Hanger. They sell new, used and vintage designer clothing up to 70% off retail price. They have a 1,000 square foot soft warehouse located in San Diego, CA. She started her business almost 2 years ago and now has 2 employees. On eBay, The Diamond Hanger has performed thousands of successful transactions and they look forward to many, many more 🙂

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114: How To Build A 7-Figure Income By Selling Online – Ellen Lin

Ellen Lin is a 7-figure entrepreneur, author, and a bilingual e-Commerce coach who has coached over 350 clients from 12 different countries. She worked with one of the original sharks from the TV show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington’s As Seen On TV. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Electronic Arts.

Her core mission is to use her knowledge in e-Commerce to teach and empower others so everyone can create the lifestyle they want by selling online using her success story of building a million dollar e-commerce store with $600 in just 4 years.

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