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097: eBaying in Rural Living- Gina Muff

Gina Muff is an avid listener of eBay Radio and claims it helped her develop and grow her eBay business – ClassySoles. Gina lives in a rural area with the closest Wal-Mart 2 hrs away. Her location presents challenges to selling online, but hasn’t prevented her from becoming an eBay Top Rated Seller and Powerseller. Gina developed an interest in classic, quality shoes at a very young age while shopping with her mother.

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096: From Baseball Cards to Antiques – Josh Chamberlain

Buying and selling baseball cards on eBay throughout college, Josh turned a $1500 loan from his father at graduation into a $2 million a year business selling fine antiques and works of art. Although dealing in a wide variety of antiques, Chamberlain has found a niche in the world of Asian arts and has become eBay’s largest US dealer in this field.

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095: Reflections of Trinity – Laurie Ann Wong

Laurie Wong is a 2016 eBay Shine Award Winner in the Charity category. She didn’t start her community resource center and food pantry, Reflections of Trinity, as an eBay business. But with a friends help and a willingness to try something new, Laurie began what she calls her online adventure in 2005. Its a decision, she says, that changed the trajectory of her business. With the ability to sell locally, nationally, and internationally on eBay, Laurie reports that Reflections of Trinity’s revenue has increased between $60,000 and $85,000 for each the past five years. In 2015 alone, Reflections of Trinity distributed 12,429 boxes of groceries (622,965 lbs. of food!) to those in need and in 2016, they crossed the million dollar mark by distributing over one million dollars worth of groceries to those in crisis!. Along the way, Laurie says she’s gone from skeptical and uninformed about eBay to a power seller with an Anchor-level eBay Store and staff of three.

Laurie is a proud mom to 6 grown adults and grandmother of 8.

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