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087: Speed Addict Cycles – Schad VanLeeuwen

You could say Schad VanLeeuwen was born with motorcycling in his blood. His grandfather had been a national racing champion, and Schad grew up lending a hand in the family parts and accessories business.

To help sell some of their old inventory, Schad began listing it on eBay. Soon, he started running his own company, Speed Addicts, out of his freshman dorm room in Santa Barbara, CA.

Today, Speed Addicts boasts multiple offices, retail space in Los Angeles, and $2.4 million in annual gross revenue on eBay (more than a third of which is global sales!) Schad also racked up a 99.7% positive rating from more than 33,000 buyers in his eBay Store and prides himself on providing best-in-class service to customers across the globe.

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086: The Empress of Quilting & Graphic Designs – Kris Kellogg

Kris is an avid quilter who turned her hobby into an eBay quilt store. She began selling fabric & patterns on eBay to generate extra income while Click Creative, her graphic design & online media marketing company, got off the ground. Fast-forward 3 years & that eBay “side-gig” has become her MAIN gig… the Click Creative Boutique.

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085: Golden Finger Picker – Chad Pagel

Chad & Kimberly Pagel are treasure hunters who have been reselling for over 20 years. They are all about the hustle and have sold on eBay since the late 1990′s. Their adventures have taken them all over and they share their knowledge and experiences on their YouTube channel Golden Finger Picker and are co-founders of the Facebook Group The Reseller Society with over 19,000 members. They are motivated by the treasure hunt as well as the networking with like minded people.

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084: Appealing Signs Through The Years – Rich Siok

Rich and his wife Nila have been selling on eBay since 2001. They have owned a commercial sign business for 20 years. They realized many years ago the power of e-commerce and with help from their sons began to pursue this new world. They currently have 2 e-commerce websites and sell on both eBay and Amazon. After many years of selling online, they now teach others to sell on eBay. They have had a Meetup group in Chicago since 2006 for anyone interested in selling on eBay, Amazon, & their own website, etc. They’re Meetup group has approx 1200 members. Rich began the ecomChicago Conference which has been held in Chicago area for the last 3 years. This event will be held this year, 2016 on October 21-22. This conference is for sellers of all levels and all platforms.

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