Be Our Guest

Hey eBay Nation… Ron and Ali would really like to share your eBay journey with their listeners.  Every one of their episodes have had similar and different points of view.  However, success is the goal for all.  Your success story WILL be different than any other.  So, if you are currently selling on eBay and have EVER had a telephone conversation, you could easily BE OUR GUEST on the show.

I just wanted to say thanks to Ron and Ali for having me on the show. If any of you guys ever get the chance to do the podcast, I would strongly suggest doing so. Its a very chill experience and I had a good time.Gabriel Sharp ( Episode 93 )
“Ron and Ali are great guys. Being interviewed by them was one of the most enjoyable (and easiest) times I've had with folks in the eBay community in a long time. If you are in any way nervous about talking to them, don't be. They're a hoot.” Dave Snyder ( Episode 88 )
Just wrapped up a SUPER FUN podcast interview with Ron & Ali about my eBay store, the Click Creative Boutique. I was a bit nervous before hand (public speaking is my nemesis) but they made me feel comfortable. It was just like visiting with old friends over the phone. Thanks, guys! Also, if you feel like your own eBay story could help others, I'd really like to encourage you to visit their website and sign up to be a guest on their show. I had such a great time talking with them and I know you will, too!Kris Kellogg Garrison ( Episode 86 )
Nila and I just had another great interview with Ron and Ali So much fun to talk to both of you about our e-commerce businesses and ecomchicago 2016 Thank you for a great interview.Rich & Nila Siok ( Episode 84 )
I had such an amazing time chatting with you guys and the timing of this release couldn't be better (for your viewers).Cynthia Boris ( Episode 83 )
“The third time was the charm. Glad the technology finally worked, especially with us in three different locations not to mention time zones. We sure have come a long way with the internet! I had a ball with you guys during the show (and before and after). You are easy to talk to, very friendly and are great advocates for eBay sellers. I was not nervous at all since we are talking “eBay” after all! For those who might shy away from a conversation, I would say “go for it”. It’s fun, just like eBay. Thanks again for your sticking with me over the summer. I would love to be a guest again if you ever have repeats!” Anne Zarraonandia ( Episode 82 )
“Guys, I have to warn you.If you've thought about possibly joining Ron and Ali for an interview on the podcast—they are absolutely vicious. They will ask horribly insightful questions, make you feel welcomed and comfortable, give you ample opportunity to tell your story, and provide you with a wonderful platform to help inspire others. If you have the opportunity, RUN AWAY…from whatever you're doing and find a microphone and a Skype connection. It's totally worth it.”Philip Tirelli ( Episode 80 )
“Ron and Ali make the interview very easy. It is really just a conversation, nothing formal. They did their research by looking at our eBay store and reviewing the literature we sent.So they were very prepared. They simply ask questions about you and you answer. Plus they are very friendly, warm and welcoming. I could tell that they really appreciated us doing the interview and had fun as well. A good time was had by all!” Barbara Sistak ( Episode 79 )

“Had fun on the interview.Thanks”
Matt Pinquoch ( Episode 75 )
Thank you and it was a pleasure to talk to you both. You have one rad podcast. I've listened to many different podcasts and you guys make it fun, educational and entertainingLysa Voge ( Episode 74 )
“I felt the audio interview with “”so you want to sell on eBay”” was very relaxed. The conversation flowed smoothly for me because I need it was going to be edited before posted online. You are also not on camera so you do not have to worry about your hair or where to look or what is going on behind. The gentlemen that hosted the interview were funny and entertaining. They were very easy to talk to and made you want to keep talking. I thought it was a fun time. Thank you for selecting me to be on your show. I was honoured. Never thought I would be in the position that I am at this point in my life. I have eBay to thank for thank. Thank you for being attention to the good and positive things at eBay.” Beth Kelley ( Episode 73 )
Ron and Ali have a great and interesting show. We were happy to participate. Their interviewing style is both entertaining and informative and we would highly recommend that anyone interested in starting or improving their ebay store become regular listeners! Lori Ferber ( Episode 67 )