114: How To Build A 7-Figure Income By Selling Online – Ellen Lin

Ellen Lin is a 7-figure entrepreneur, author, and a bilingual e-Commerce coach who has coached over 350 clients from 12 different countries. She worked with one of the original sharks from the TV show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington’s As Seen On TV. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Electronic Arts.

Her core mission is to use her knowledge in e-Commerce to teach and empower others so everyone can create the lifestyle they want by selling online using her success story of building a million dollar e-commerce store with $600 in just 4 years.

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113: The 2017 eBay Shine Awards Winner – Angie Cardona-Nelson

Angie Nelson an immigrant from Colombia and 2017 eBay SHINE Awards Winner for Small Business started an electronics recycling company with her husband over 9 years ago. They quickly discovered that eBay was an amazing platform to extend the life of retired electronics from Companies. This has allowed them to create 13 jobs and divert millions of pounds of eWaste from the landfills. This accomplishment has earned Angie an Ambassador role with eBay's Government relations Team.

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112: A Factory Worker Turned Dropshipper: How To Make Money by Dropshipping on eBay – Keith Ritchie

Keith is a former factory worker turned professional dropshipper. He has been dropshipping on eBay full-time since 2014. He employs virtual assistants to make his life easier & enjoys learning new skills and traveling.

He also enjoys teaching others how to make a living online through e-commerce.

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110: Building Her Business Empire In A Clutch – Andrea Harrison

Andrea is a retail veteran and a former Macy's Media Buyer, who turned her hobby of selling on eBay into a successful online handbag store. She started selling in 2009 after Macy's decided to move corporate to New York. She decided to embrace this new opportunity and become a full-time entrepreneur which allowed her flexibility and the ability to spend more time with her son.

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109: Discover The Ways to Earn A 6-Figure Income Online – Kameron George

Kameron George is an entrepreneur that currently works behind the scenes, virtually unknown to many, as he quietly works with his inner circle, influencing positive change on his terms. His uncanny approach to marketing and leadership has dramatically altered the landscape of today’s work-at-home arena.

Kameron operates his business from anywhere in the world, with nothing more than a laptop and a cell phone. Entrepreneurs around the world contact Kameron every month in quest for his marketing prowess and leadership.

Many have found his teachings to be truly life-changing. His tips, philosophies, and marketing strategies are proven, powerful and highly effective.

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108: The Angels: How To Raise Future Entrepreneurs Through eBay – Arlie and Shari Smith

Arlie and Shari Smith have been selling on eBay since 2006. Shari runs their eBay business from home while Arlie works for Costco (where he has worked for almost 24 years). 6 years ago Arlie was diagnosed with MS and 2.5 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer with a median lifespan of 2.5 years. But something beautiful happened and continues to unfold in their lives through their community.

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107: The Juggle and Hustle: How To Be Debt-Free Through eBay – Jennifer Santiago

Jennifer is a struggling mother of 3 kids and 3 fur babies. She loves animals, the beach, being around any type of water, and her kids. She has done nothing but struggle most of her life and had decided that she wasn't going to struggle anymore. She started selling online in January 2015 and has done nothing but grow her business since day one.

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106: The Twist and Twirl: How To Sell On eBay Like A Tornado – Lori Brill

Lori started selling on eBay for fun in 2007, but after becoming caretaker to her 2 year old granddaughter and 64 year old mom in a two month time span became more serious in 2009. She started selling women's clothing primarily but has since expanded into vintage and collectible items as well as other fun things.

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103: Finding Antlers and Grow the Retirement Fund – Dave Smith

Dave is a family guy; 5 kids and so far one grandchild. He spent 30 plus years working with cows, people, and equipment in the dairy and farming industry. He contributed to feeding a lot of people. Now five years later, he is selling supplies to animal agriculture industry primarily dairy farmers. He did eBay in the early 2000's for a short while. Then he got back in in 2014.

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101: FreeeUp and Grow Your Business – Nathan Hirsch

Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He is the founder and CEO of FreeeUp.com and the co-founder and COO of Portlight. Nathan started his eCommerce career on the Amazon Marketplace and successfully built a $7 million business within 4 years. After seeing the potential of using remote workers within his first business, he founded FreeeUp to make the remote hiring experience simpler for all eCommerce business owners. FreeeUp now provides reliable eCommerce workers to hundreds of clients around the world. Nathan is an expert at building efficient systems and processes, sales strategies, and business management. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

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100: VIEW FROM THE TOP – Aaron T. Walker

Aaron Walker is, without question, a veteran entrepreneur. Starting his first business at 18 and selling to a Fortune 500 company nine short years later demonstrates Aaron's passion for succeeding. Unwilling to rest on past success Aaron started, bought and sold eight successful companies over the past 37 years. Having a strong desire for personal development has kept Aaron in a weekly mastermind group for more than a decade with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham and seven other notable Nashvillians. Aaron has enjoyed a 36-year marriage with his beautiful wife, Robin. Today Aaron spends the majority of his time HELPING MEN GROW IN SUCCESS AND SIGNIFICANCE as President and Founder of VIEW FROM THE TOP, a premier life and business coaching resource.

Aaron's new book, View From The Top, is guaranteed to motivate and inspire you to live a successful and significant life.

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099: Know Your eBay Profits with The MyCost Pro Duo – Scott and Hunter

Scott and Hunter are the co-creators of MyCostPro. Scott has been a part time eBay reseller for the last 17 years. Hunter is a software engineer with 13 years of application development experience. Together they developed MyCostPro, an eBay Certified app for Excel that connects to your seller account, downloads your sales, automates reporting, and generally makes seller's lives easier.

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098: Oh yeah! Cars Yeah – Mark Greene

Mark Greene is the producer and host of the Cars Yeah podcast, a five-day-a-week show where he interviews Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts™, leaders in the automotive industry that have wrapped their passion in to their business and lives. Mark has a background in marketing, design, brand building, business development, and worked as a Creative Director for 11 years before joining a start and helping to build Griot's Garage where he was in charge of the branding, marketing merchandising, and he was their President for 20+ years. Mark's a passionate automotive enthusiast who created the Cars Yeah brand and has over 700 interviews in just over two years. You'll find the Cars Yeah podcast on his Cars Yeah website, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and all the major social websites. Mark has used eBay extensively to purchase and sell products to automotive enthusiasts.

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097: eBaying in Rural Living- Gina Muff

Gina Muff is an avid listener of eBay Radio and claims it helped her develop and grow her eBay business – ClassySoles. Gina lives in a rural area with the closest Wal-Mart 2 hrs away. Her location presents challenges to selling online, but hasn't prevented her from becoming an eBay Top Rated Seller and Powerseller. Gina developed an interest in classic, quality shoes at a very young age while shopping with her mother.

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096: From Baseball Cards to Antiques – Josh Chamberlain

Buying and selling baseball cards on eBay throughout college, Josh turned a $1500 loan from his father at graduation into a $2 million a year business selling fine antiques and works of art. Although dealing in a wide variety of antiques, Chamberlain has found a niche in the world of Asian arts and has become eBay's largest US dealer in this field.

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095: Reflections of Trinity – Laurie Ann Wong

Laurie Wong is a 2016 eBay Shine Award Winner in the Charity category. She didn't start her community resource center and food pantry, Reflections of Trinity, as an eBay business. But with a friends help and a willingness to try something new, Laurie began what she calls her online adventure in 2005. Its a decision, she says, that changed the trajectory of her business. With the ability to sell locally, nationally, and internationally on eBay, Laurie reports that Reflections of Trinity's revenue has increased between $60,000 and $85,000 for each the past five years. In 2015 alone, Reflections of Trinity distributed 12,429 boxes of groceries (622,965 lbs. of food!) to those in need and in 2016, they crossed the million dollar mark by distributing over one million dollars worth of groceries to those in crisis!. Along the way, Laurie says she's gone from skeptical and uninformed about eBay to a power seller with an Anchor-level eBay Store and staff of three.

Laurie is a proud mom to 6 grown adults and grandmother of 8.

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092: The Queen of Auctions – Lynn Dralle

For over 18 years, Lynn has made her living buying and selling on eBay.

She is a third-generation antiques dealer with over 40 years experience in the antiques business. She started helping her grandmother in the antiques store and at shows when she was just 4.

She is also an eBay consultant, author, and teacher. Her learning tools & free ezine will teach you how to sell online with eBay while staying organized, turning a profit, and having fun!

She loves selling on eBay and can't stop– some people think she is addicted! In 2015, she sold over $100,000 worth of unique items on eBay and she wants to help you do the same.

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091: The Guy for Multi Channel Solution – Andrew Rowson

Andrew runs a company specifically focused on providing solutions for sellers on multichannel.

This is borne out of him previously running an eBay multi million dollar business started over 14 years ago.

His company works with small to medium enterprises to big corporations with their main aim being making them a success online.

With their partnership with M2E pro, a multichannel software solution they are able to automate a lot of the time consuming tasks allowing business owners to work on their business not in their business.

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090: eComdash, A One Stop Automation System – Nick Maglosky

Nick Maglosky is CEO of Ecomdash, an automation software system that streamlines backend eCommerce operations. Boring tasks like inventory syncing, sales order routing, product listings and supplier communication all become hands-off with eComdash. He loves his Blackberry, Cleveland sports, and calls Charlotte, NC his home.

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088: The eBay SEO Savvy – Dave Snyder

Dave Snyder is an advanced eBay SEO consultant and creator of the Listing SEO Score (SM). He has been providing hands-on optimization services and leading eBay marketing strategies to select sellers since 2013 at ListingSeoScore.com.

Dave and his wife, Heather, have been selling on eBay at TheEcoBunny.com since 2009. Prior to selling on eBay, Dave was a commercial, industrial, and residential property tax consultant for a firm in the Chicago Loop. Combining his love for eBay and natural bent towards analysis, Dave has become the eBay SEO expert of choice to sellers large and small.

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087: Speed Addict Cycles – Schad VanLeeuwen

You could say Schad VanLeeuwen was born with motorcycling in his blood. His grandfather had been a national racing champion, and Schad grew up lending a hand in the family parts and accessories business.

To help sell some of their old inventory, Schad began listing it on eBay. Soon, he started running his own company, Speed Addicts, out of his freshman dorm room in Santa Barbara, CA.

Today, Speed Addicts boasts multiple offices, retail space in Los Angeles, and $2.4 million in annual gross revenue on eBay (more than a third of which is global sales!) Schad also racked up a 99.7% positive rating from more than 33,000 buyers in his eBay Store and prides himself on providing best-in-class service to customers across the globe.

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086: The Empress of Quilting & Graphic Designs – Kris Kellogg

Kris is an avid quilter who turned her hobby into an eBay quilt store. She began selling fabric & patterns on eBay to generate extra income while Click Creative, her graphic design & online media marketing company, got off the ground. Fast-forward 3 years & that eBay “side-gig” has become her MAIN gig… the Click Creative Boutique.

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085: Golden Finger Picker – Chad Pagel

Chad & Kimberly Pagel are treasure hunters who have been reselling for over 20 years. They are all about the hustle and have sold on eBay since the late 1990's. Their adventures have taken them all over and they share their knowledge and experiences on their YouTube channel Golden Finger Picker and are co-founders of the Facebook Group The Reseller Society with over 19,000 members. They are motivated by the treasure hunt as well as the networking with like minded people.

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084: Appealing Signs Through The Years – Rich Siok

Rich and his wife Nila have been selling on eBay since 2001. They have owned a commercial sign business for 20 years. They realized many years ago the power of e-commerce and with help from their sons began to pursue this new world. They currently have 2 e-commerce websites and sell on both eBay and Amazon. After many years of selling online, they now teach others to sell on eBay. They have had a Meetup group in Chicago since 2006 for anyone interested in selling on eBay, Amazon, & their own website, etc. They're Meetup group has approx 1200 members. Rich began the ecomChicago Conference which has been held in Chicago area for the last 3 years. This event will be held this year, 2016 on October 21-22. This conference is for sellers of all levels and all platforms.

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081: Tennessee Pickin’ – Bret Pallotta and daughter Emily

Bret and his wife Tammy started an eBay business in 1999 to pay medical bills that had accumulated as a result of medical procedures incurred from fertility treatments and the birth of their daughter. They were able to stay home with their daughter and pay off all their medical bills. They sold the business in 2001, and sold personally on eBay for the next several years. A few years ago, in order to teach their daughter Emily a marketable skill, they started another Ebay business. Their eBay store is TENNESSEE IS OUR NECK OF THE WOODS.

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079: The License Plate Garage – Tom and Barbara Sistak Baur

Tom Baur and Barbara Sistak operate the online store “License Plate Garage”. On eBay, Tom is known as The License Plate Guy and Barb has a store called The License Plate Gal. They are a husband and wife team that has brought together each of their individual strengths to support each other. The business is perfect for them because each fuel their passions. Tom for collecting and Barb for creating. When they met in 1999, Tom had a huge collection of license plates and an authority on old plates. Barb was an artist and creative entrepreneur with long technology experience. They recognized the opportunity before them and that is when they started their online business of vintage items.

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078: The Coin & Currency Expert Invades eBay – David McConaghy

David McConaghy is a Numismatist (coin expert) and owner of New England Coin Exchange. He opened his store 10 years ago with his Son Dylan who opened his own store in February. Prior to the coin business David was a co-founder of Lamina Lighting and NetSilicon which he helped take public on the Nasdaq at the height of dot com mania in 1999.

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077: Unlocking the Texas Gal’s Treasures – Margaret Collier

Margaret Collier sells on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon FBA and she also makes YouTube videos on her channel Texas Gal Treasures. She started reselling about 3 years ago when she left her teaching job to stay at home with her kids. It started when she went to some garage sales one Saturday morning for some “me” time. She kept finding cool things that she didn't necessarily want, but knew others would. She loves the thrill of the hunt!
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