006: David “eBay_Man” Rogers – Did He Say NO NEG Feedback, EVER?

In 2003 he sold a He-Man Skeletor toy action figure to Late Night with Conan O’Brien TV show to be used in one of their comedy sketches. And he’s been hooked selling on eBay ever since! He’s a proud dad to 2 sons and husband to his beautiful wife, who goes by @ebay_lady on Twitter.

Impact Person

His late Mom, his late Grandparents and his Dad. Without them he wouldn't be the kind of person he is today. His wife also has made him into the man he is today and his two sons. Wow! David couldn't narrow it down to ONE impact person, but we were glad to hear he has been surrounded by good people impacting his life.


Early on in his eBay journey, David sold a bunch of collectible comic books to a guy in Canada, and he didn't ship them in a nice, hardbound box. He just put them in a plain shipping envelope and wrapped them up and shipped them out. They arrived damaged. David feels very lucky that the buyer didn't give him any negative feedback. This was a valuable lesson for David. Make sure you pack your items well for shipping.


David recently went to an Estate Sale with his Dad. He explained that he doesn't always go to them. In the corner of a particular area, he found a GhostBusters toy, a very collectible toy. Completely sealed up in a box. They were asking $5 for this toy. He couldn't believe it, because he had just recently seen an episode of “Toy Hunter” where Jordan Hembrough had just paid over $225 for this toy that was worth over $400. David tweeted pics of his new toy, and just hours later, Jordan tweeted back telling David how jealous he was of him. David listed his $5 purchase and sold his GhostBusters toy for $325.

Interesting Moments

  • “Treat all of your customers as if they are going to come back to you for repeat business”.
  • Listen to David explain how he ends up selling a toy to the Conan O'Brien Show.
  • David explains he is a Real Estate attorney that helps people buy and sell homes by day.
  • David has over 9,000 tweets with over 2500 followers.
  • David sends a message to every buyer, regardless of what they've spent, thanking them for the item, paying him and he also mentions he will post feedback soon. He also mentions when they can expect to receive the item(s) from him.
  • David has sold on eBay for 11 yrs. without negative feedback.

Helpful Tool Links

  • Advanced Search within eBay
  • Considering the new eBay.com/Valet

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