054: Treasure State Toys Hunter Duo – Kane and Elisha

Husband and wife duo Kane and Elisha Foster have found their eBay niche, Toys! They started selling a wide variety of items in 2012. They quickly found that their passion is definitely toys. They go Treasure Hunting weekly for little gems to add to their store. January of 2015 Kane was able to quit his daytime job and pursue eBay full-time. This determined couple is quickly on the road to bringing Elisha home also. With over 1300 listings and an eBay Top Rated Plus Power Seller Status, they are making the grade and having a blast doing it!

Interesting Notes

  • The couple, known eBay in 2011 through their friends who have been selling on eBay. They kept on noticing their friends’ excitement and how it brought income to the family.
  • Kane and Elisha started selling with stuff in their house like CDs, DVDs and those that they don't need any more instead of throwing it away. Kane is working then in a medical field and only sells on eBay part-time.
  • Kane struggled in finding a job that he is passionate about being a responsibility-oriented person. When he started doing eBay, it was the first time in his life that he actually found something that did not feel like work. It was something that he just had the passion and enjoyed it.
  • Now, together with his wife, they find toy hunting full of fun, and a cool, great experience to meet people, hear their stories and deal with them face to face.
  • Toy hunting relives their youth. They found fulfillment in cleaning toys and putting them back in circulation believing that every toy has a story.
  • Their stuff is sourced from garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. They also post in their community's Facebook page their search for the items and people will literally open their garages or sheds to them.
  • They sell a variety of toys – a combination of new or used, vintage or contemporary, making sure that it fits people with a different budget.
  • Initially, they started with the auction system, but later on switch to buy-it-now which enables them to set a great price and make the buying process easier for the customer.
  • They have over a hundred followers and high rate of repeat business which are attributed to them being professional from the very start of their hunting process to cleaning and taking pictures, listing it accurately to shipping it well. Their whole process shows that they care for their customers.
  • They send personal messages to people who buy from them and thanking them for their business because it really helps them as a family.
  • They love to bring life to all the stuff that they have hunted and make it sure that all are usable, in good condition, and meet the customer's expectations.
  • Usually, they take 6 pictures of different angles for each item they list and describe the items accurately so as people can get informed decisions.
  • They packed their items with great care and respect ensuring that customers will be wowed when they open the package. They imagine customers would say “wow, this is better than what the pictures look like!” or “wow, this is better than what they described!”
  • Their packaging tip: “Use quality shipping products. Don't skimp because that can be the difference between a positive feedback from the customer, or a negative feedback. The item must look the same as in the picture and in the same condition that the customer paid for.


  • “It depends on you as a seller on where you feel comfortable putting your store together and selling your items.”
  • “When opportunity meets preparedness, it just works out, in the right time.”
  • “eBay gives you the opportunity to make an income as much or as little as you want, based upon how much effort you want to put into it.”
  • “The more that people buy from us, the more passion we give. The more it drives us to go out and hunt for stuff that we feel other people will appreciate.”
  • “Show that you take pride in what you do!”
  • “Just let people know that you care after you get their money.”
  • “We want them (customer) to know that we understand what it is like to be a customer; what it is like to buy; and we know what it is like to have expectations.”
  • “Be willing to put yourself out there and stay hungry. Stay driven!”
  • “If this is what you enjoyed, this is your passion, then do it. Go for it!”
  • “This is not a get rich quick thing. You build a foundation. You build a store.”
  • “You do not know when can you get another opportunity in life. To have an opportunity and to follow your passion is incredible!”
  • “Make a short time for yourself every day.”
  • “If you have a passion for eBay, and you have the drive to do it, go for it. But remember who is beside you – your family.”
  • “Find a system that works for you, and from there, dedicate your time where it needs to go, and when it needs to go.”


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