058: Vintage and Antique Toys Shopper – Anastasia Andrzejewski

Anastasia Andrzejewski (AN-DRE-F-SKI) is the President of George’s Toy Chest, LLC, a retail company that connects an international clientele with a wide variety of treasured vintage and antique collectibles, with an emphasis on antique toys. She is also proud to be a leader in the eCommerce community. She created the first eBay sellers Meetup group in New York City and has taken over leadership of an eCommerce Meetup group in New York’s Hudson Valley. In addition, she has been cited by and featured in various media, and has been hand-picked to participate in small and select focus groups, such as one with Richelle Parham (eBay's former Chief Marketing Officer) and the first summit for eBay Meetup Organizers held at eBay’s San Jose campus.

Interesting Notes

  • Anastasia's business partner is her Dad, who has a collection of toy soldiers, and the one who has instilled in her the interest in valuing old stuff, especially toys.
  • She started selling on eBay in 1999, got hooked, and found it fun. Her first sale is a 70's mountain dew soda goblet she bought for only a quarter at a garage sale. She listed it for $9.99 and sold it for $14.
  • When she and her dad decided to make it an official business, they decided to focus on the things that they were really interested in and things that they are passionate about and love, and that is antique toys.
  • Vintage items are those that are 10 to 20 years old while antiques are 80 years old and above items.
  • Anastasia sources her stuff from auctions, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, and from everywhere she can find stuff.
  • In doing her sourcing, she does not have a compulsion or need to buy stuff for herself.
  • She is successful in her business, but admits that she has weaknesses and one of them is listing her stock.
  • One tip that has been working for her is the use of iPad which enables her to make initial, quick research to listing then to taking pictures in just 11 to 12 minutes.
  • She used to list items before based on themes, but now focuses on listing items that she can make more money on, even if it would take a few more minutes listing it.
  • She is also tracking her time on listing to know how much time she is spending, how many items she has listed, and how much value the items have.
  • Among eBay tasks, her favorite is sourcing because she loves shopping. Packing and listing, on the other hand, are her least favorites.
  • To her, packing is like baking and icing the cake. It can be a little stressful making the cake and can be messy putting the icing on it, but once it got all iced, you will have a beautiful cake.
  • Hanging out with other sellers, either virtually or through meet up groups, fires her up.
  • Connecting in whatever way she can, with other sellers, hearing their success stories, hearing their pain points, gives her hope and reminds her of her struggles. There is a comfort knowing that she is not alone, and there is comfort and inspiration that there are people who do not struggle at all.
  • Fifty percent (50%) of her sales comes from best offer.
  • Anastasia aims to have 3500 items in her store by the end of this year, or if not, definitely by the end of the first quarter of 2016.
  • She wants to keep growing in terms of greater net profit and to keep on streamlining her business and find more great products for her customers.
  • Ultimately, she wants to be her own boss, having more fun and loving the freedom.


  • “I just have fun buying things for the business and reselling it!”
  • “It may not be an ideal environment for me to list, but if I can list something, then that is great.”
  • “This is the last little thing I need to do to really collect the money and make the sale final.”
  • “Almost visualize each item in your storage unit or wherever you keep your stuff, as a pile of the $20 bills.”
  • “The magic of turning the inventory into a $20, $50, or $100 bill is to list it.”
  • “I love eBay sellers — people from all walks of life who have a passion for their own independence and freedom.”
  • “It is awesome! It's amazing that I have this platform that connects me with people, with customers all over the world.”
  • “Everybody has their own comfort level with what they want.”
  • “Don't block people. Keep your options open.”


  • iPad
  • iPhone App

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