033: Hockey Cards and More – Allan Alexander

Allan was born and raised in Newberry,MI where he currently lives. He attended Michigan Tech University and Lake Superior State University where he studied Math and Electrical Engineering. He is currently the treasurer for the Newberry Area Chamber of Commerce. In his spare time he enjoys golf and shooting pool. He started selling hockey cards on eBay in 2009 and now sells hockey cards and anything with a team logo.

Interesting Moments

        • After 30 years of collecting, Allan has become an expert on hockey cards but it is hard for him to notice fakes in some instances.
        • Allan did a course for $2,500 where he learnt Search Engine Optimization, built his website and Google ranked it in the 30's or 40's high average. That was the third or fourth page of Google. He did all this by himself.
        • His website is linked to eBay. Therefore products listed on one site will automatically go to the next.
        • Blogging is one of the best ways to get ranked.
        • Allan has been doing this full-time for a year.
        • Allan got an email from sears.com asking if he wanted to post his item on their website. In that same week he was asked to do this interview with the “So You Wanna Sell On eBay” crew.
        • He got about 3 negative feedbacks in the last 2 years which he thinks lack of communication contributed.
        • Allan runs promotions during the holidays.
        • In January 2013 he made $100 in sales, in January 2014 $800 and January 2015 $3,100 in sales.
        • From the start of Football season in September through to about mid- January, sales are usually awesome.
        • His biggest fears were not making enough money to live and having to go back to work for someone else.
        • Actual pictures of the products help to increase sales.
        • 10% of his profits go to local charity organizations


        • “Communication is your biggest asset”
        • “The harder I work the more money I make”
        • “Whatever your niche is….. It has to be something you love”

Helpful Tools:

        • Excel, eBay Fees Version 8, eBay Listing tool (WooCommerce plug-in)

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