091: The Guy for Multi Channel Solution – Andrew Rowson

Andrew runs a company specifically focused on providing solutions for sellers on multichannel.

This is borne out of him previously running an eBay multi million dollar business started over 14 years ago.

His company works with small to medium enterprises to big corporations with their main aim being making them a success online.

With their partnership with M2E pro, a multichannel software solution they are able to automate a lot of the time consuming tasks allowing business owners to work on their business not in their business.

Interesting Notes

  • About 4 or 5 years ago, Andrew started E-Motive. It is a company that helps sellers of all sizes to sell in different countries and channels.
  • He started E-Motive after eBay approach him as a seller. He gathered that eBay would like to bring big brands to sell on eBay.
  • One of the great things he likes about eBay is, it (eBay) is ever changing. It is keeping up to date with the new innovations. It is spearheading the new trends in the market.
  • Compared to any other platforms in the world, Andrew believes that eBay created many millionaires.
  • He also believes that as a seller, he needs to keep up with the changes that take and would take place on eBay. Thus, he started his company.
  • Their services are designed to fill in the gaps. It is about looking at what the seller wants to do and achieve. It could be that the seller does not want to list. Or, it could be that the seller wants to start selling to Europe and needs translation. E-Motive could help with those things.
  • They help sellers through their outsourcing service. They can do the listing, product optimization, and keeping up to date with the changes that eBay does.
  • They have people with data and they need a software to maximize it. That is where they used M2E Pro.
  • M2E Pro is the biggest software solution for eBay and Amazon sellers. It is scaleable that knows from the financial point of view. It is for free to those who are just starting, with less than $10,000 a month sales.
  • M2E Pro actually helps sellers get started and maximize multi-channel too.
  • M2E Pro is also a great help to automate processes of dropshipping. It enables sellers to get the products and sell it everywhere.
  • Dropshipping is when sellers send goods out. The sellers do not store goods. They get the money before they order the goods from the supplier and send them direct to buyers.
  • Sellers need to know what sort of stock there is. Because you cannot sell things on eBay if you have not got it.
  • M2E Pro is dependent on the channels and the direction eBay is going.
  • Andrew also mentioned that their services work for sellers who do not have a website. A Magento back-end is the only thing needed.
  • Magento is free as well. It is not just a website but serves as a UPS – a system where you can control everything to do with your business.
  • Andrew mentioned that eBay is bringing big brands. Like if you are looking for sales, you are also looking for different brands that got stores. They want to emulate the brands 100% on eBay.
  • Andrew also cited that one of the biggest changes on eBay for the next 12 months is on Active Content. It means that a seller needs to complete his brand and his own mark on the listings.
  • In the UK, BMW launch on eBay selling parts. Within the first month, they sold 5,000 euro set of alloy wares that sat in their warehouse for 10 years.
  • Andrew mentioned that we are going more towards the mobile world. In today's world, 50% to 60% of all items on eBay are purchased from mobile or tablet device. Sellers need to make sure that the experience is great for the buyer.
  • The problem is the description which is where the template is. The template is built for desktops and laptops. Things like Flash, JavaScripts, and links that come on don't look good on mobile.
  • eBay is trying to provide a better mobile experience for the buyer. If the JavaScripts and links do not work on mobile, the sellers are risking their sales.
  • eBay is going to fully enforce the said system on June 2017. The sellers need to embrace the changes. Otherwise, eBay will ban your listings.
  • Andrew's father is 76 and his mother is 68. They use the eBay app to sell stuff. They are turning over 2,000 pounds which are around $2,500. They go to flea sales, Chicago sales picking up stuff and looking for opportunity.
  • Andrew runs his company from Bulgaria with 40 people.
  • One of the great things about Bulgaria is they understand e-Commerce and the internet. Andrew did not have difficulty in training their staff. The cost of living in Bulgaria is less than 15% of US. The cost of working is a lot less too.
  • He also has an office in the UK. He is also doing business in the US and France as well.
  • Andrew has a great team. The success of their company is based on the team. They have regular team building days. They socialize together.

Advice, Tips, and Tricks

  • Andrew cited that some sellers spend million dollars in advertising and infrastructure to get their products promoted. But all that is needed is a great product. And it should be optimized, so a seller needs to make sure that the keywords search is there.
  • A seller needs to always change. He/She needs to be up to date with what is going on the marketplaces.
  • Active content is a big thing that every seller should embrace. The templates and branding are still allowed but need to be enabled for mobile.


  • “It's all about studying. It's all about getting your stuff out there.”
  • “It is not to say, ‘This is what we do. You've got to adapt what we do'.”
  • “eBay is great! And I love eBay!”
  • “eBay app is one of the best apps out there!”
  • “Tools are out there to enable people to fill the gaps in.”
  • “You've got to make sure you get your products out there, everywhere you can!”
  • “Every day brings new challenges.”

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