002: Ben Newman – International Speaker & Best Selling Author

Ben is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and highly regarded Performance Coach whose clients include Fortune 500 Companies, business executives, high performing sales people and athletes in the NFL, PGA & NCAA. Ben's most recent book, “Own Your Success” was ranked by CEO READ as their #13 business book of 2012!

In addition, the Napoleon Hill Foundation & Nightingale-Conant selected Ben as a top thought leader and author in the world to help produce their latest audio book “Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success.”

Impact Person

Ben explains the black band that he wears around his wrist that says “Legacy”.  It reminds him of his mother and the strength, courage and perseverance that she displayed to him and his brother when she battled a rare muscle disease called “amyloidosis” when he was a young boy.  “She's the greatest prize fighter.  She's why I fight every single day, and she's the individual who's enabled me to understand that I can now pass on her legacy through my children and the future of our family”.


In 2010 Ben was going through a really challenging period of time.  Speaking, writing and coaching was going great for Ben.  However, he was facing challenges because he was still running his insurance and investing practice as well.  While Ben admits the first six months of the year were incredible.  Listen to how Ben explains the conversation with his wife how AMAZING things were going.  The next six months would prove to be “like I was in a prize fight with Muhammed Ali 24 hours a day”.  Ben explains the challenges and feeling like he was constantly taking 18 steps backwards.  Ben detailed the conversation between him and his coach, Dr. Jason Selk where he explains his frustration.  “Just because I'm a speaking and a coach, doesn't mean I don't experience challenges”.  Dr. Selk reminded Ben that you have to connect to the daily behaviors that have led you to the success that you've had.


Ben has never shared this before in all of the interviews, TV interviews and radio and podcasts.
Listen to how Ben explains how he designed and started his bootcamps when he didn't even know what a bootcamp was. “I'm sharing this story for each and every one of you for that dream that you believe is possible for you. Take action is the moral of the story”. Ben then describes his first boot camp in June 2009. “When you make yourself unique, you put your passion into something, people will be attracted to it”.

As mentioned during the interview, Ben Newman inspires 12,000 at the Bradley Center in MIlwaukee after Super Bowl Champion Head Coach Tony Dungy warmed up the stage. Here Ben discusses the difference between Conscious & Unconscious thought. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL3dbmT6ZS4

Ben's Purpose Statement he wrote down in March 2004: “Empower and Inspire individuals to uncover their passions and desires to seek a greater vision for themselves”. What is your purpose statement?

Interesting Moments

  • “That's what makes a champion.  The work that you're willing to put in when nobody is watching”.
  • “What's your plan when you get knocked down?  Plan on reframing, focus on the solution and the daily behaviors that will drive your success”.
  • “Your passion for the process is what's going to drive results”.
  • “Hearing a “no” is your opportunity to get to a “yes”.
  • “It takes a team to be able to touch people's lives”.
  • “It's a team effort in life”.
  • “Go Do Great Things”

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