023: Bruce Wendt – The Bozeman Clothesman

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Bruce Wendt specializes in quality brand-name and vintage used clothing. His eBay store, Cash4Clothesbozeman, has over 14000 listings and is still growing. Bruce started out selling books on eBay in 1998 and has been a professional antique & coin dealer for over 20 years. He purchases from dealers and shows around the country, thrift shops, and from the Cash4Clothes storefront in Bozeman.


Three years ago Bruce left vindictive feedback on eBay and got “Kabammed!” by eBay. He was suspended for a week, his listings were reduced and many were completely deleted. He learned better customer service thru this experience. In the very beginning he put books in alphabetical order. This was before PayPal when customers paid with a check. It was extremely labor consuming to organize inventory.


Bruce was able to keep his business and his family afloat during the down turn by managing his eBay business and selling down inventory.

Current Business

Bruce is investigating different business models, expanding and diversifying. Perhaps expanding his inventory or creating increased selections.

Life Before Current Business

Bruce worked in the furniture and moving business before the down turn. eBay gave him flexibility to survive when business was poor. Bruce offers free shipping for items under $14.99

Helpful Tools:

Bruce prints his labels thru eBay, he sorts his inventory into bins with a simple number and letter system.

Contact Information