039: All From Her iPhone – Cindy Sorely

Cindy started selling full time on eBay after deciding that having a three year old help run her brick and mortar specialty Needlework shop was too much. Cindy also runs a large Facebook group for online sellers Cindy's Online Selling Tips (CO$T) and 9 Facebook Buy and Sell Craft groups and sells on eBay, amazon and etsy.

Interesting Notes

  • Cindy uses her iPhone to take all her pictures and upload her listings.
  • She has listed items on eBay from the store that they were bought in and have them sold before she even reaches home.
  • The only clothing item that she lists are T-shirts.
  • It is really important to use Items Specific, a great title and a short and simple listing.
  • 98% of her items listed are ‘Buy it Now'. If Cindy is going to list items on auctions she would list them at the lowest price that she would accept for that item.
  • She loves needlework
  • Cindy has a lot of repeat customers. She ships worldwide; 42% of her customers were international.
  • If you are going to list an item, make sure you have a box to put it in.


  • “Never block 0 feedback buyers”
  • “Don't pay for all the extra fees” e.g. subtitles”
  • “Sell what you love”
  • “If you know something about something, start going with that”
  • “Go global and go mobile”


  • iPhone
  • Stamps.com
  • USPS.com
  • Wireless Laser Printer

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