022: Danni Ackerman – The Danni App

She is known as “The Danni App” due to her ability to throw away the smart phone and know what her customers will pay for “stuff”. She has built multiple six figure businesses including one that caused a Fortune 500 company to change their policy! Danni is known for taking the hard stuff and making it not only easy to understand but easy to implement and use to grow your business. She is also the author of Buying at Auction Houses for Fun and Profits, Storage Lockers for Fun and Profits, The Ultimate Guide to Savings by Store and is working on her latest book “Rebellious Profits”.


Danni says she makes failures every single month, She says if you’re not failing on a consistent basis you’re not trying hard enough. She lost her top rated seller status because she wasn’t on top of ebay policies.


Because she learned from her mistakes in not paying attention to eBay’s rules, Danni feels she is really on top of changing policies coming to eBay in the coming year. She can pass this information on to others as well. Danni taught her Mother how to eBay and now her Mother is a power seller.

Current Business

Danni writes books for ebay sellers. She has the Danni App academy which is her real passion. She loves that she can bring her decades of falling on her face to help others. She was one of the first sellers who switched to selling everything with free shipping.


Life Before Current Business

Danni raised horses as just one of her many previous business ventures. When her husband was laid off from his tech job they changed direction, liquidated the horse business and turned to the eBay business.

Helpful Tools:

ind your niche and know your audience. Use free shipping and hang in there, success is hard, It’s like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Contact Information

  • Join “the Dani App” group on facebook. She has a “More fun bigger profit” event in May in Las Vegas where you can meet her.