114: How To Build A 7-Figure Income By Selling Online – Ellen Lin

Ellen Lin is a 7-figure entrepreneur, author, and a bilingual e-Commerce coach who has coached over 350 clients from 12 different countries. She worked with one of the original sharks from the TV show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington’s As Seen On TV. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Electronic Arts.

Her core mission is to use her knowledge in e-Commerce to teach and empower others so everyone can create the lifestyle they want by selling online using her success story of building a million dollar e-commerce store with $600 in just 4 years.

Interesting Notes

  • Ellen speaks 3 languages and covers pretty much all the marketplaces.
  • She considers e-Commerce as a large scale thing because she sells on eBay and Amazon. She believes that e-Commerce is a global thing, not just one marketplace.
  • She sells in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South East Asia including Thailand.
  • She is into private labeling — she buys cheap stocks in Asia and brings the inventories back to the United States. She then put the products online via eBay or Amazon and sell them at a higher price.
  • The products she bought in Asia become her own brand. She advertises the products as products of her own brand.
  • Before selling online, Ellen was a video game artist. She made 21st-century video games which were used in the PlayStation and Nintendo. She started making video games after she graduated in 2005.
  • When the economy crashed in 2009, Ellen got laid off. She became jobless and did not know what to do. She had a lot of friends doing e-Commerce and were selling clothing. She thought to herself that she would try e-Commerce because that is what everyone else is doing.
  • In 2011, Ellen took a trip to Taiwan and spent $600 for her products. She put all the products in her luggage, goes back to the United States, and start selling from her garage. She also put her products on eBay and that is when she got started selling online.
  • Before going to Taiwan, she found suppliers online. She emailed them before she went there.
  • Before, when she tries to get a new supplier, she would go to the place and meet the person so that the supplier would give her the cheapest price.
  • Today, she already established a company that allows her to sell their stuff. Instead of her asking the company to buy their stuff, now the company is asking her to come and sell their stuff.
  • Ellen started everything from her garage. Her business started to grow and she figured it out that she cannot do it all by herself. So she hired a guy to come to her warehouse to work. When her garage outgrew, she moved from her garage to 1,400 sq. ft. warehouse. That is her first warehouse.
  • Her business kept growing and she hired another person. She outgrew again and had to move to another warehouse. She moved to 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse.
  • Today, she has 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 8 employees. It happened over time in the period of 6 years.
  • Last year, 2016, Ellen got an email saying, “Kevin Harrington is inviting you to do a video campaign with them!” She responded with a YES. They agreed to do a video content together. So she sent Kevin Harrington her products, took a video shoot like a 60-seconds commercial, and put it on TV Air.
  • She found Dropshipping not fun for her because she does not get to promote her own brand. She wants to sell a product under her international brand.
  • Today, Ellen is running 2 businesses. One is her e-Commerce business and the other is her Coaching business. She keeps everything under 40-hour schedule.
  • Monday to Wednesday, she stays in her office for her e-Commerce business. She gives 100% focus on that.
  • Thursday to Friday, she works from home for her Coaching business. She coaches people how to become successful in e-Commerce.
  • Ellen believes that even though it is crucial to put in extra time, at the end, it is about the balance life that one wants to have through entrepreneurship.
  • She puts all her work in Google calendar. She also has an Apple watch. This way, she gets to know what's her next appointment is on her phone as well as on her watch.
  • To someone new on selling online, Ellen's one advice is: Hurry and Get a Mentor. Having a mentor is the fastest way to succeed. It will save you a lot of time.
  • Ellen finds her mentor through Facebook Ads. She finds her students/mentees as well through Facebook Ads.
  • Her students are people who want to reach financial freedom. Those who don't have experience and yet were able to generate. She communicates in English or Chinese with her students
  • She has a student with no experience in e-Commerce. After 6 months, he is now generating 50,000USD per month.
  • Ellen and David Kosciusko, the Podcast's guest for episode 89, met at Tai Lopez's house last year. They were both teaching e-Commerce. They shared experiences and ideas. Last August 13, 2017, they hosted an event called Mastermind Lunch in San Francisco.
  • In the Mastermind, they talked about what is new in the e-Commerce this month. They went around in circles and have each person talked about their biggest struggle. Sometimes, Ellen solved it from there by giving her opinion. At other times, the other attendees who knew the answer to the questions jumped in and answer.
  • Mastermind is solving each other's problem.
  • Ellen's mission is to help more people reach financial freedom through her coaching program. That is her main focus now.
  • Currently, she is running a 2-hour e-Commerce FREE training webinar. To join, go to http://ellenpro.com/freetraining/


  • “e-Commerce is a global thing, not just one marketplace.”
  • “People management is the hardest thing ever in entrepreneurship.”
  • “Hurry and get a mentor!”
  • “It takes time to find good people.”


  • Google Calendar
  • Apple Watch

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