130: Mr. Postman Turned eBay Man – Gregg Wilson

Gregg Wilson is the owner, operator & chief trader @ Raddad's Tradin Post, an online store of general mercantile supplied from closeouts, liquidations, bulk buys, salvage & surplus. The store has a niche focus on Health & Beauty and Health Fitness as well as other products. Raddad's sells wholesale and retail, worldwide.

Interesting Notes

  • Gregg used to work in a post office as a mail carrier. He had a customer that does eBay and he became curious. It took him a couple of years before he started to ask the customer serious questions. The guy told him to save money. When Gregg had the money, he went to the guy and they got some merchandise. The guy told him to take some pictures and put it on eBay.
  • He started selling on eBay on Feb 22, 2016. On April 2016, he upgraded to a Premium store.
  • He does eBay full-time and spends 20 to 21 hours a day working on it.
  • He noticed that a lot of people got into eBay without making an investment. People fail to know that when you start earning from eBay, it is a return on investment.
  • He bought 30 cases of gummy vitamins worth $450 from a wholesale auction.
  • He has truckloads of health and beauty stuff like wrinkle cream, aftershave, etc…
  • He hired a helper a few days ago to help him sort through the palettes and break it down. He needs to take into account the supplies, put them in the inventory, and get them listed.
  • Gregg believes that selling on eBay is not selling on results. It is selling an agreement to a feeling that the customer has. If the customer feels that he/she needs the product and you have it, then there is a sale.
  • eBay does not need any proof that the product works. eBay needs that the product must be new and sealed because those are consumable.
  • He feels that he did not deserve any negative feedback he got. The first negative feedback he got was traumatic. It was so awful he wanted to get rid of eBay. But, he thought, it does not matter because it does not define him. He knows what he did. He knows what is correct.
  • The first thing Gregg sold on eBay is a college textbook his son bought. It was the wrong textbook so he sold it on eBay.
  • Today, at any given time, he had 10,000 items of health and beauty stuff. But he only has 700 to 800 listings.
  • His biggest sales on a day are 117 items.
  • Gregg works on a 2,000 square foot basement. He also has a 40ft storage container van.
  • A day before the interview, he sold 3 to 4 items out of the first palette that he ever bought.
  • Before he quit his job in a post office, he is taking with him 80 to 90 packages to work in the morning. Before he would deliver mails, he would take his own packages first. Being a postman works to his advantage. He knows the system so well and can get his shipments fast.
  • FedEx comes to his house every day, five days a week. The USPS comes to his house six days a week.
  • Gregg described eBay as the biggest vending machine in the world. And getting people to buy in your vending machine is the deal. If you are not selling anything, it is because people don't see it. You have to figure out how your products are going to be seen.
  • He thrifts as he can and buys whatever he can. He sells whatever he can and as high as he can.
  • He admits that he is afraid to try to make his eBay biz bigger. He is still spinning from what had happened, that is, growing so fast. He does not know if he can duplicate it or not. One thing is sure though, he has to buy more stuff to keep building his eBay business.


  • If you can get one hot item a repeat sale and can sell 3, 5, or 10 a day, that is cool! Don't stop there! Get another hot item. Try to keep 3 to 5 hot items and run them all the time. Hot items are consumables or things that people consume such as vitamins, makeup, and the like.
  • If you want to sell a thousand items a month, you need to have ten thousand items available.
  • Figure out how your products are going to be seen.
  • You have to have time to answer your messages, do your packages, and make your listings. You better have to allocate a time each day to do those things.
  • If you have a corporate job and you want to do eBay full-time, know that there is a time to quit and do only one. There is a time to keep them both. You've got to give yourself a chance. But you will know when that time is.


  • “You can sell anything on eBay!”
  • “If you don't look at eBay as an investment, then how can you expect a return?”
  • “You've got to disappear for a little while before you can ever actually make a reflection in the pond!”
  • “It does not really matter if it works good. It only matters if it sells good.”
  • “You've got to have a plan before you can stick to it.”
  • “The tougher times get, the more of a good deal I need.”
  • “If you get the product in front of the people, you make money from it.” – Ali Young
  • “The more organic sales you get, the better it is for sure.” – Ali Young

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