037: Collecters Of Weird & Dead Stuff – Heidi Reed

Heidi and her husband Glenn like to collect “weird and dead stuff” from around the world. They started selling on eBay in 2000 and now have 11,700 items posted on eBay and a successful internet business on their website. Key to success? Weird stuff, and top notch customer service.

Interesting Notes

  • Heidi Reed collects dinosaur coprolite megalodon, crocodile and some other spiny shark coprolite and sell it on the internet and on eBay.
  • When she met her husband he was in the shark and gator business, he was on the road with his wife who was in the last stages of MS. He was selling sharks teeth at a picnic table outside his motor home.
  • Glenn taught Heidi what the different species were with each species of shark having a different shape and she helped him sort the teeth.
  • Once Heidi and Glenn took a drive from their store in Boulder City, Nevada to California in search of a mould maker for a life size alien doll that they had. They had it strapped into the backseat of the van and they did get pulled over by a bicycle policeman in Monterey California. They didn’t know if they had done anything wrong, they were in a parking lot and he wanted his picture taken with the Alien. So they got out of the car and strap it onto his bicycle so he could get pictures.
  • She sold on the internet exclusively since December 2003.
  • Heidi still has a large painting of the Mendocino coast from a friend of her husband’s that they were unable to sell on consignment. So they don’t do consignment anymore.
  • Glenn, her husband has travelled over 52 countries and is a marketing genius.
  • Her biggest fear was leaving sure for unsure.
  • Having the right product, venue, ad copy and price is only half the reason for a business to succeed. The other half is customer service.


  • “We make personal connections with people”
  • “Confidence comes from within”
  • “Sometimes by not choosing to try, they are making a choice… choosing to fail or choosing to do nothing”


  • Research, Books and Shows

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