010: Jackson Baer – Author and Loves Thrifting

Jackson Baer is happily married with four kids, living in North Georgia. He launched NameBrandThrift.com in September of 2013 and is also the author of two books: “The Earth Bleeds Red,” and “What the Hell?”. He writes in his free time, plays with his kids, and enjoys thrifting with his family.

Impact Person

Jackson admires his Father for his strong work ethic, He has always been an entrepenuer, starting his own lawn business in high school.


When Jackson was in College he and his wife started a cleaning business, they were not able to make enough with the business to support themselves and Jackson ended taking a regular job.


Jackson says he and his wife are the happiest they have ever been, going thrifting with their kids, working on their business and being their own boss.

Interesting Moments

Jackson talks about buying an art collection from an estate sale. He has sold about three quarters of it and already doubled his money. He mostly buys clothing from thrift stores, Often they are brand new and still have the tags.  He sells most everything as buy it now.

Interesting Quotes

“Have excellent customer service ”
“Do Research on what actually sells at what price.”
“Save time with organization”
“Schedule work and activities.”

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