050: Multi-Talented Entrepreneur – Janelle Elms

Janelle Elms is a multi-channel entrepreneur, Success Coach, and author with more than 26 years of experience in maneuvering the ever-changing world of sales platforms, social media, SEO, SEM and the latest technologies. She runs numerous online companies including Mermaid Caramels, Jill Of All Trades, OSI Rock Stars and her new non-profit the Daily Video Bible project. Janelle has toured with eBay University as a lead instructor. She is called on frequently to provide expert commentary concerning online sales acquisition and marketing topics for radio and TV stations across the country including Entrepreneur Radio, CNN and Fox news.

Interesting Notes

  • She takes advantage of the technology to teach the world virtually and so opened up OSI or Online Success Institute, with its members called Rock Stars.
  • With her background in psychology, she teaches the Rock Stars on a psychological standpoint what works for goals and what doesn't.
  • Currently have 1200 hrs of video of step by step virtual training to help people who are ready to grow their online business profitably. Topics range from eBay to eBay store and platforms like marketing of the eBay business and website to do some of the marketing and promotion as well, plus other things like organization and motivation.
  • Entrepreneurship runs in her blood. She knew from a very early age that working in the real world wasn't just going to work for her. Any time she can sell something from door to door or make something and sell it. She was that person in the neighborhood that nobody wants to answer the door when she rings the bell because she was always selling something.
  • Joined eBay on 1998 with a set of 9-star wars patches that she has which later on ended up selling $202.
  • She mostly sourced her items from garage sales. She uses the “buy it cheap, sell it high” mentality.
  • She got her wish to bring up her eBay genius friends and sell home run guides which contain stories of all the experts in eBay teaching you about a specific area, what to look for, what to set back down at the garage sale, and even some hints and tricks on how to sell a particular item.
  • She runs a non-profit daily video bible project, an account of the entire bible in video format up on youtube. It contains 730 videos of the bible found in dailyvideobible.com which reached 80 countries in the 1st year after it was released.
  • She is going to launch her new company betterbabybottoms.com making diaper creams.
  • She always has a knack for whipping ideas and putting it into actions.
  • Her practical tips for those who are going to start a business: 1. Don't jump in with a $10,000 wholesale order from china. Sell some stuff around your house, get a feel for eBay and see if this is something that is in your skills. It doesn't mean that you can learn more. Just see if this fits into your world. 2. Make sure that you are listening to the right people. Just check around and ask questions. Find out if other people are recommending them and why they are recommended. Make sure that you are getting information from the good guys out there.


  • “Entrepreneurs are some of the most well-rounded people in the entire world. They wear so many hats.”
  • “eBay is a pretty easy entry level way to learn what that looks like selling online.”
  • “You don't have to know anything about what is you are selling. You only have to know what makes you money.”
  • “Everybody has 24 hrs a day. Some people will do amazing things on it; some people will sit in front of a TV.”
  • “I love doing things that will make a difference in other people's lives.”
  • “You can be an entrepreneur and be crazy and running all around and doing all the stuff, but you've got to have a plan.”
  • “You've got to know where it is that you are going otherwise things will never get done.”
  • “The brain only handles 3 projects at a time. So if you have a to-do list with 45 things on it, your brain is automatically an overload.”
  • “It's not enough to know how to sell your item for, but you've got to understand all these other pieces of running a business.”
  • “If your quality of life has suffered because you chose to become an entrepreneur, re-think that, because you truly need to be in it for the right reasons. Otherwise, it gonna start affecting your health.”
  • “You have to realize that as an entrepreneur means you are responsible for your money. You get up in the morning and you decide how much money you are making.”
  • “Sell things out of your house. That is a fun way to make a little bit of side money and see if it makes sense.”


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