032: King of Comic Books – Jerry O’Hara

Jerry started selling comic books and related memorabilia at conventions and through the mail as far back as the late 1960's. The Transition to selling on eBay came fairly easy once he learned how to create his auctions. With eBay Jerry says he can reach many more buyers at a fraction of the effort and expense.

Interesting Moments

      • Jerry started selling Comic Books in 1967.
      • His 14 year old nephew at the time asked him for his comic books, later sold them and split the profit with him.
      • In 1970, Jerry was considered as one of the founding fathers of the new collecting field of Comic Books.
      • In 1971, he sponsored the Disneyland Comic Book Convention Easter Weekend.
      • He dropped out of Comic books collecting for his writing career, but later came back.
      • He started selling on eBay about 15 years ago.
      • Jerry has sold collectibles, paintings and comic books as high as $25,000. He has insurance.
      • A 12 year old boy caused Jerry's eBay account to be closed down because of his negative reviews.
      • He has a warehouse where he stores over 250,000 comic books which he has read all.
      • He bought an autograph collection of old movie photos and autographs for $17,000 and has made over $60,000 in income and still has half of the collection.
      • Jerry sells a lot of his high end products in Europe.
      • His biggest fear was not being able to figure out all that was involved in setting up a store especially because he was not familiar with the computer. But that was 1988 where not many people were.
      • There were some years where he sold a couple million dollars on eBay.


      • “If you have product knowledge it is very easy to learn the eBay system of selling”
      • “Stop postponing your effects to sell on eBay”

Helpful Tools:

      • iPhoto Plus, Scanner, Digital Camera

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