064: The Hubcap Enthusiast – Joe DeMarco

Joe has been selling on eBay since 1999 and is a Top Rated Seller with 100% positive feedback with almost 10,000 feedbacks. Joe sell hubcaps, collector license plates as well as other things and enjoys teaching people how to sell successfully on eBay as well through the many videos he makes on his YouTube channel crazeenydriver.

Interesting Notes

  • Joe fell in love with hubcap as early as five (5) years old. He was with his aunt heading to the supermarket to buy a grocery when a car's left front hubcap goes rolling off right passed him and to the sidewalk. He picked it up and brought it to their apartment. Since then, he started to look for them in their neighborhood and now has become a successful eBay business.
  • Apart from his eBay store, Joe also has a brick and mortar store where he sells late model foreign cars and stores his hubcaps. But, if he has to pick one, he will stick with eBay, where he can work on his own pace and his store is open for 24 hours.
  • On eBay, he sells mainly a lot of classic and vintage items that are hard to get.
  • He started on eBay in 1999 and after a couple of years, he realized that people do not know how to do certain things, so he created videos and people started to email him asking how to do this and that. That started his YouTube channel crazeenydriver.
  • Joe sources his items from his contacts all over the U.S. He also does business with junkyards in New York City area, which saved and piled the hubcaps for him. Joe visits them every 2 to 3 weeks. He looked into the pile and picked the ones he likes. He buys in lots.
  • He prefers to buy new ones from dealers stock leftovers. He likes to buy it because there is no work involved. All he needs to do is unboxed and then sell it.
  • Joe's hubcaps were once used in one of the episodes of the TV Show Blue Bloods.
  • Joe also sells license plates which are all collector's item plates from 60's and 70's. They are one of a kind; different from the ones you see today.
  • Joe does his eBay business all by himself. His brother works for him full time in his brick & mortar store and is primarily responsible for the retail aspect of the business and on cleaning the hubcaps.
  • Joe reveals that there is a very popular commodity today with a huge demand on eBay, that is, Hess Toy Trucks.
  • He admits that he could not just walk away from the big profit on this Hess Toy Trucks. People collect them and can actually increase unbelievably in price.
  • In fact, a day prior to this interview, Joe sold one in the auction for $90 and sold another for $115 on the day of the interview.
  • With his products that are heavy and expensive to ship, Joe still offers free shipping because 1. people love free shipping; 2. eBay says they will give you a boost in search if you opt for free shipping.
  • Here's his tip: include the shipping cost in your item's price.
  • The majority of his sales, though he is in the East Coast, go all the way out to California, Texas, Florida and lately Colorado.
  • During the interview, Joe showed one of his hubcaps. It was a locking wire spoke hubcap for a 1981-1985 Buick Riviera. It was a rare NOS cap which means new old stock, brand new and unused.
  • Joe loves to take pictures of his hubcap outside with the sun glistening on them because it really sells his products. He does this quickly in the morning when the sun is up and does the group listings on the afternoon when it is already cloudy.
  • Joe has his share of “picture stealers” – people stealing his pictures and even his text, the entire descriptions.

Joe's wire spoke hubcap for a 1981-1985 Buick Riviera


  • “Anybody can make money on eBay if they are willing to put a little work and put the time in.”
  • “It is a lot easier to sell on eBay than it is in brick and mortar.”
  • “What you have, there is somebody out there who wants to buy it. You just have to find the right person.”
  • “There is always someone looking for something.”

Contact Information

  • Website: hubcapjoe.com
  • eBay Store: hubcapjoes
  • Youtube Channel: crazeenydriver