047: Car T-Shirt Artist from Brazil – Jose Rodolfo

Jose Rodolfo Lacerda (JR) is from Brazil. He is 42 yrs. old and married with 2 daughters and 3 dogs. He is a graphics designer who started drawing cars

at 6 years old. From then on, it was always his dream to work in the automobile industry. Today, he sells “Custom Car Artwork” on eBay.

Interesting Notes

  • Jose has thought himself English about 10 years ago.
  • He has about 1000 listings on eBay and 2000 drawings.
  • Jose used to only ship to his customers in Brazil. Then he realized that America also loved cars so he started his eBay Business.
  • To maintain his 100% positive ratings he ensures that his clients are happy.
  • He uses illustrator software to create his drawings.
  • He spent 10 years of his life doing jobs he didn't even liked because he was afraid to fail. The step he made he was successful because he was doing something that he really liked.
  • You could fail at first but you can improve.
  • Jose's biggest problem is his delivery. Due to Brazil's ineffective mailing system customers have to wait about 20 days to get their T-shirt.
  • For Jose, it's having fun and not working.


  • “eBay store…. it was like really hard and really tough in the beginning”
  • “You can manage your own time”
  • “Try to do what they love as soon as possible”
  • “Follow your dreams”
  • “You have nothing to lose”
  • “Just try it”
  • “You have to do some research”
  • “We live only once so we have to take advantage of that”
  • “I am exactly where I am suppose to be right now”


  • Adobe Illustrator

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