049: Busy Grandmother of 8 and eBay – June Cooley

June Cooley is a 64-year-old grandmother of 8. While working in her husband’s Farm & Ranch Supply Store for 18 years, June started selling on eBay. But it wasn’t until her daughter had her sell her items that she caught the bug. June is retired now and lives in Louisiana. She loves to travel and spend time with her family. June has been selling on eBay for 14 yrs. and has seen some changes with eBay.

Interesting Notes

  • She started with her daughter's things which are mostly designers handbags and collectibles; mostly things that she knew already the value of to make it easier for her.
  • Now, she sells a lot of variety of things from old vintage 78 RPM records, comic books, and even venturing to depression dishes.
  • She can easily determine things that really sells on eBay, crediting it to her 14 years of eBay selling
  • Her records, books, and dishes are sourced out from garage sales while clothing and accessories are purchased from regular stores during their sale period.
  • She knows how to embrace changes in eBay and always keep abreast of it.
  • How to ship fragile things? This is her advice: “do a cocoon for it inside the box and put whatever the breakable at the center of the box to be surrounded by a bubble wrap and other types of packing so it cannot be broken”.
  • She takes advantage of eBay's international program for the seller, that is, to mail whatever it is to Kentucky who take it from there and contact the buyer. The buyer then has to pay Kentucky for the rest of the postage.
  • She also takes advantage of eBay's free listing days even staying up all night if she has to.
  • Hardly any negative feedback! Her secret? “I always communicate with the person who purchased the item as soon as they purchase it. As soon as I've mailed it, I send a personal email to let them know that I've mailed it then post a business card saying to contact me if there's any problem”.
  • At her age, she does everything on her eBay business except to go on the post office which her husband does it for her.
  • She's the one who photographs her items taking advantage of the bright room in their dining. Putting on a tablecloth on the dining table to see nothing but white and taking on the photographs with her iPod, she does all her photographs without a mess!
  • Her OCD personality works to her advantage in organizing her stuff – from purchasing down to taking photographs and writing description, to packaging and safe keeping until it is time to send.
  • She uses no apps to know a thing's worth and value. She basically goes to eBay and sees what particular item is selling for.
  • She uses eBay's platform to promote her products.
  • The gold fillings out of her mother's teeth are the weirdest thing she sold in eBay!


  • “It started as a hobby, just selling things on eBay. I had the time. I had a room. I had a place to package everything. I had made it!”
  • “You do have to do research and a lot of things will surprise you: what people want to buy and what people collect.”
  • “You know people will go to eBay. They're gonna go there. eBay does promote your store and people can subscribe to your store. And eBay, sends out emails if you do have discounts and all that kind of thing. They do a lot of work.”
  • “Don't get discouraged!”
  • “Realized from the onset that it is a lot of work. It's not just something you can play with. You have to be available to your customers. You have to check your email. You have to be sure that when someone buys something you get it to them in a timely manner. You just have to keep up!”
  • “I gradually grow into it. I never had a fear because you don't really! You only sign up from months to months basically. So even if you close it down tomorrow, you don't lose that much.”


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