109: Discover The Ways to Earn A 6-Figure Income Online – Kameron George

Kameron George is an entrepreneur that currently works behind the scenes, virtually unknown to many, as he quietly works with his inner circle, influencing positive change on his terms. His uncanny approach to marketing and leadership has dramatically altered the landscape of today’s work-at-home arena.

Kameron operates his business from anywhere in the world, with nothing more than a laptop and a cell phone. Entrepreneurs around the world contact Kameron every month in quest for his marketing prowess and leadership.

Many have found his teachings to be truly life-changing. His tips, philosophies, and marketing strategies are proven, powerful and highly effective.

Interesting Notes

  • Kameron grew up in Canada. The majority of the people there are influenced to take on a blue-collar job and work on trade.
  • His dad is an Electrician by trade. Kameron grew up following his dad's path and the things that his dad had laid out for him.
  • In high school, he enrolled in a registered apprenticeship program. One semester, he would work out on site as an electrical apprentice, and for another semester, he would be in class. He is literally working a blue-collar job while he was still in high school.
  • He grew up thinking that he has to go to school and get a good education. Then he needs to get a job and pay his taxes. But Kameron decided to take a different direction.
  • He had job offers coming left and right. He could have walked to a 6-digit salary right after high school. But he turned it down and walk away to pursue his passion at that time.
  • He started playing Ping-Pong. He would travel down and try out for the team he eyed for. He became a Professional Ping-Pong player playing for a team in Canada. He gets paid every month to travel the world, flying around on a private jet with the team owner.
  • He bought his first home when he was 19 years old. He achieved the pinnacle of life; of what he had deemed to be a success.
  • Sometime between 2008 and 2009, a financial fiasco happened in the economy. All a sudden, their team owner no longer pays them. The perfect, ideal lifestyle he was living was taken away from him and he did not know what to do.
  • Their team owner, whose businesses are dealerships, left a great impact on Kameron's life. A slight comment from their team owner moved Kameron to analyze and look at entrepreneurship as an option. He started to ask detailed questions or getting into the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship. Questions like if someone would start a business, ‘how would they do it', or ‘how would somebody get into entrepreneurship'.
  • For the first time ever, Kameron started exploring entrepreneurship. He started to take personal responsibility for his life and his finances. He started looking into it through a different lens.
  • With that, he started his own cleaning company, Made To Clean. At first, he thought of trading time for money. That was how he knew and understood entrepreneurship. His mentor told him that even if he made the least money, the tax benefits alone will put him leaps and bounds ahead of everybody else.
  • As he was setting up his cleaning company, he came across a sales letter online. The sales letter talked about Online Marketing. It is about the type of exposure, audiences, and reach that he is able to have online. And with the advent of the Internet and all these new forms of media and what he can do, it piqued Kameron's interest.
  • So he bought applications or kit to see what an Online Marketer can do and promote. It was his first glimpse into anything online.
  • He ended up buying a package for a network marketing company. Later, he realized that the business could exist where he would not have to orchestrate the fulfillment. Being an Affiliate is a huge groundbreaking epiphany to Kameron.
  • His technique is trial and error. It landed him in $40,000 in debt running around. He did not know who to look for, who to trust, and what is real. There is a lot of misinformation. There was no structure and no organization. Everybody has a different opinion and perspective.
  • Kameron paid a huge amount of money for a mentor. His mentor showed him the ins and out of the business model and its marketing strategies. It is there that he realized that there are a lot of principles.
  • He started modeling his very first mentor's business.
  • Kameron has sales funnels. He has an offer. He has a marketing automation. He has something in place that he knows works. Then, he realized that one piece of the equation is missing. It is the principle that marketing and business online are nothing more than traffic and conversions.
  • So he took lessons on solo ads and how to target certain traffic. All the information he had before became useful to him.
  • In January 2010, he made his first $5,000 a day online.
  • He went on and got his first million dollars online when he was 24 years old. He realized that it does not matter what it is you want to do. He believes that aligning to something that is also fulfilling is important.
  • He taught one of his friends, a nineteen-year-old. He showed his friend everything that he was doing. His friend became his first student. And at 19, Kam's friend-student went to earn his 6-figure income online.
  • With that, Kameron created another company named Awol, that stands for, Another Way of Life.
  • Today, Awol has students all over the world promoting all sorts of products and services. It also has students who use the company's training to help promote their offline or network marketing businesses.
  • Last year, one of their students made a $20,000 million in sales in the organization he is promoting.
  • Kameron's company, Awol, is making a few million dollars a month in revenue.
  • When he first came online, he had to learn how to build and set-up a website. Now, setting up a website is as simple as setting up a Facebook account.
  • Earning a multiple 6 figure income working a few hours a week is where he is happy and fulfilled with.
  • Now, he shifts to focus his energy and attention to take things to another level so he could have a greater impact.
  • It's 2017! It is about time that people wake up and realize that making a full-time living online is not a possibility. It is becoming a norm.
  • We are in an age where a thirteen-year-old kid's Instagram profile and audience can turn a 7-figure income.
  • We are moving towards the world where everybody has the ability to learn and focus on new skill sets. These new skill sets are blazing trails for the new marketplaces that are coming up.
  • At present, Kameron and his partner Keala, are developing their custom learning management system. They continue to bring on trainers. They continue to hone their curriculum to bring the information in a trusted, matter-of-fact way to the mainstream. They want to wake people up to the type of opportunities that exist online. Opportunities like eBay, being a Freelance Digital Marketer, an Affiliate of a particular company, or developing your own information product. They want to empower people with the type of education, tools, resources, and support that they need to be able to capitalize on this new economy of the 21st entrepreneur.
  • Kameron is giving away for FREE his book, Freelance Marketing Secrets. It is a step-by-step guide to launching your Freelance Marketing Career. Download it for FREE here: http://www.soyouwannasellonebay.com/awol

Advice, Tips, and Tricks

  • To rule out the nonsense, you need to find people with the skill sets and the results that you are looking for. You can take the same actions and you can absolutely produce the same results. You can do it when you have a sense of commitment and consistency.
  • If you want the cutting edge and would be able to sift through, you get down to the principles.
  • Facebook is one of the best sources now for doing digital marketing stuff. eBay and Amazon are incredible lines of physical products.
  • Understanding that marketing as a skill set is something that no business can survive without. It does not matter how good your product is or how incredible and life changing your technology is. It cannot sell itself. So Kameron focuses on marketing as a skill set.
  • Keep on learning a skill set on how you could go out there and get the attention of millions of people. Know how you could connect people to products and services that interest them. Learn how you could leverage the emerging tools and technologies.


  • “Perception is reality.”
  • “Mentorship comes in a lot of different forms.”
  • “Marketing and business online is nothing more than traffic and conversions.”
  • “There is always different techniques and strategies. But, it is about finding the people who are masters at their craft and getting the results that you want.
  • “Principles are the things that transcend the industry, the market, and the niche. They are timeless.”
  • “Techniques and strategies evolve. Platforms change. Traffic sources change. But the fundamental principles on how a business operates is timeless.”
  • “If you can surround yourself with people who can understand those things makes all the difference.”
  • “Everybody has the ability to take control of their own personal financial situation.”
  • “Traffic and Conversions – the name of the game!”
  • “When you start to realize that you have the skills, you will realize that you have the ability to create money on demand.”
  • “Anybody, in this day and age, has the ability to design their life, their lifestyle.”
  • “Opportunity, to me, is the greatest problem. It is so abundant and it is everywhere.”
  • “People say ‘I want to have more time'. You'll never get more time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day! It is about how we are spending and investing it.”
  • “The most powerful thing that you can do is being an example of what is possible.”
  • “Your perspective is your gift that you can share to the world.”

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