045: Actress, QVC and eBay Education Specialist – Kathy Terrill

Kathy Terrill is a New York-based professional actress who has more than 20 years’ experience in brick-and-mortar retail as well, including 6+ years as an on-air product presenter for QVC, the shopping channel. She is an Education Specialist Trained by eBay and chief administrator of the Facebook group eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores that has over 1500 members world wide. Kathy is a featured speaker this year (2015) at eBay radio party & conference in Las Vegas in June and John Lawson's Business Boot Camp in NYC in August.

Interesting Notes

  • Kathy wanted to spend more time with her family so she started selling on eBay.
  • Having a website is a lot of work and you get limited traffic. eBay is usually on the first page of Google when searching for an item.
  • Start selling things around your house.
  • When Kathy first started selling she discovered VHS was profited, but then technology improved so it was no longer profitable.
  • You should always be testing new product lines and research.
  • Check “completed listing” in the “Advanced” link on eBay to see what items are in demand and the cost that it is being sold for. Also double check on Amazon for pricing.
  • When you are first starting out it will take longer for you to do things but it will get easier overtime.
  • Try to group things and use the sell similar as this will make it quicker.


  • “You can literally start a business in one day”
  • “You can be anywhere”
  • “eBay is global”
  • “We are everywhere”
  • “Keep an eye on the trends”
  • “You have to always be trying something new”
  • “Your time is money”
  • “Just do it”
  • “Take the picture and get it listed”


  • “Advanced” search on eBay
  • Terapeak
  • Worthpoint

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