020: Kat Simpson – “That Kat” is a trusted eCommerce author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur

Kat Simpson is a trusted eCommerce author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur. She has been a successful eCommerce merchant for over 10 years; is an eBay Education Specialist and Gold Level PowerSeller, as well as a successful Amazon merchant. Currently Kat is the co-host of popular weekly eCommerce Podcast “That Kat Radio”.


When she started, Kat didn’t know the difference between a trend and a fad. She was buying beanie babies from all over the world and selling them online for a serious mark up. She wasn’t watching the market and at the pinnacle of the beanie baby market she had about $6000 invested in inventory that she couldn’t sell. She learned a lot about watching the market from this experience about not going too deep. She also has experienced changes in eBay rules and has had vendors with problems but worked her way through it.


Kat is very proud of reaching gold power level seller and selling $10,000 a month on eBay. She had several different product lines going. She believes keeping her business varied has contributed to her success.

Current Business

Kat sells 80 percent on Amazon and 20 percent on eBay. She has a niche store on eBay called The Kats Boutique that is products invented by women. Her other ebay store is Kats Closets 2, where she puts all her deals. She often offers free shipping, but not always.

Life Before Current Business

Kat was a stay at home mom who often had a job to bring a little extra money in, she sold Avon, and Stanley and Tupperware and worked at Woolworth's. She discovered beanie babies and a whole online world opened up.

Helpful Tools:

Kat buys liquidation lots from Bidonfusion.com. Enter “ThatKat” and get 10% off your first buy. Kat also loves Terapeak for analytics, eBay selling manager Pro and Stamps.com. She uses Profit Bandit and Seller Engine for Amazon. Kat also uses Virtual assistants to do repetitive tasks.

Contact Information

  • ThatKat.com