019: Kay Rogers – Grandma and eBay Seller

Kay Rogers is a mother of three and a grandmother of three, located in the middle of South Georgia, She is “Mimi” to three who keep her on her toes and hopping… but are a lot of fun. Kay really loves the whole ecommerce process from start to finish. Like most eBayers she started with a few items here and there but opened for business full time about four years ago, mainly focusing on women's clothing and accessories.

Impact Person

Kay's Father had an online business. He had a Doctorate in Computer science and Kay
got an early exposure to the internet through him. He was influential to Kay in getting her to want to own her own business. Kay’s mother had extensive retail experience which was good mentoring for Kay’s business sense.


A couple of years ago, Kay decided to diversify from her standard brand business and sell more high end products. She spent a lot of time trying to find the items that were right to sell, but didn't have the same success. She realized that she needed to keep selling the mid-level items she had started with. She also tried selling glass wear, but dislikes working with it, and online consignment didn’t work for her either.


She felt a great achievement when she reached $50,000 in sales. Kay once bought a fur
coat for $3 and sold it for $460. She buys much better than she did when she started and says it’s a
learning process.

Current Business

Kays lists 300 new items of ebay each month, with her strongest season being
February thru March when she may increase to 600 a month. Usually she works alone and as
a general rule uses free shipping.

Life Before Current Business

Kay owned a brick and mortar consignment store before switching to
ebay. She says it a continuation of the same thing, just better.

Helpful Tools:

Kay uses a bin system to keep her products organized and easy to find.

Contact Information

  • Twitter: classyfashions1