017: Kyle Branham – From Corporate World to Sports Apparel on eBay

Kyle Branham owns a successful Ebay company focusing on sporting apparel called “Impacting The Game”. He left the corporate world to work full time with his wife on their Ebay store. They have a young son and a child on the way.

Impact Person

Kyle's friends all wanted to do something different, some have helped and come along. Kyle's father has been a big inspiration and given support in his business that was very valuable to Kyle, Being able to bounce ideas off his Father has helped a lot.


Kyle had to figure out how the market works and work thru times when sales were fewer. His website had some success, but he needed to learn how to use eBay to really grow his business with the right kind of energy and focus.  It takes time to build.


Kyle learned that eBay was the easier, most cost effective and quickest way to sell on line.

Current Business

Impacting the game is an eBay store that focuses on sports shoes.  They are moving into selling more equipment such as golf clubs and more apparel. They have done free shipping since day one.

Life Before Current Business

Kyle went from job to job and never felt really comfortable working for others. He started the eBay business thinking it would be a small sideline job, but it worked into something much better.

Contact Information

  • Kyle@impactingthegame.com
  • Instagram/ITGkicks
  • www.Impactingthegame.com