005: Leah Hinkle – Husband and Wife Tag Team

Leah and her husband Gary started selling on eBay in 2011. In 6 months they were Top Rated Sellers as well as Power Sellers. They opened an eBay store and currently have over 800 items for sale. They sell

a variety of items and especially love selling Christmas decorations.

Impact Person

Leah didn't mention a particular person, but says that you kind of get a sense of who at auctions is really selling. She walks up to them and asks them if they're selling online. If yes, she says she may pick their
brain and ask them if they had a store (eBay) and see what she can learn from them.


First negative feedback. Leah believes it a “breakable”. It was heartbreaking to get that negative feedback. She now teaches that you are going to get negative feedback, but you just have to move on. Being
a Top-Rated Seller, negative feedback can put that status in danger, which is a big deal because of the 20% discount in fees that goes with that.


Leah talks about an auction that her and Gary went to. This experience was built on previous experience they had. They had previously sold about 2 dozen porcelain figurines made by Home Interior, which no
longer exists. Collectors love these figurines and basically eBay is the only place to get them, like lots of other things. So they knew the figurines would sell.

Interesting Moments

  • Top rated selling and Power Selling was not something they set out to accomplish when they started. ¬†They fell into it.
  • Prior to starting an eBay business, Leah and Gary played around with the idea of starting a business, but asked “how do we start a business and keep our jobs? You can just step into a business without paying
    rent, utilities and merchandise. Then you have to have time to run it”. eBay was their solution. Leah admits that with their eBay business, it is a business, but it's hard work.
  • Leah talks about her $1 investment in a pair of boots that sold for $10.
  • Gary reminds Leah that she's not buying “it” for yourself, but she admits sometimes she does.
  • “Sunday is the best day to have listings go off”.
  • Leah was asked, if she had the chance to start all over with the knowledge about eBay and just having a business in general that she has now, what one thing would you do differently? Leah quickly jumped on
    this one to say she would have started a long, long time ago.
  • “Last year we stumbled upon the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” rage that has been going on for a long time, but I didn't know about. This year I decided to make my own”. Leah made some and put lights on them,
    and she admits she's really excited about listing those because they are definitely going on auction. “I'm going to tap into the craziness that is Christmas sweaters”.ugly_sweater1
  • “I love talking about eBay”

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