009: Liz Brazier – Accountability Strategist for Entrepreneurs

After 20+ years in corporate I.T sales, she started her own business as an international based accountability coach, productivity strategist and Podcast Host . She demonstrates her beliefs around freedom, flexibility, balance and control by inspiring you to take action, get the RIGHT stuff done and not wait for some day to live your life NOW.

She works with busy entrepreneurs throughout the world to get them focused so they take action in all areas of their life.

Impact Person

Chris Ducker's new business strategies taught her to really be her self, build her own brand based on herself.


Liz tried many things and had trouble getting started. It was very slow and took alot of work. Response was slow at first.


She recently was hired by a mastermind program which proves she can add value to any program.

Interesting Moments

Liz learned she had to meet people face to face to grow her business. She is building on line programs and is branching out from coaching and starting a new program for mothers and children to grow organic greens at home.

Interesting Quotes

“Dont wait until some day to live your life now”
“get comfortable with the unknown”

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