072: The Young Mompreneur – Lizzy Clift

Lizzy and her husband Tom have been selling full time on eBay since 2011. They fully support their family of four with their e-commerce businesses. They specialize in barely vintage nostalgic items.

Interesting Notes

  • Lizzy at the age of 22, a mom and a college student with no business experience, started selling online.
  • She started with her textbooks from college, sold it at Amazon and then move into eBay selling junks.
  • She went full time on eBay in 2012.
  • 80% of their sales now are from eBay. They focus more on eBay because Lizzy like the treasure hunting part of it. Moreso, they can profit more on eBay.
  • Their niche, barely vintage nostalgic, stems from what they like and know. Their market is the kids in the 90's who now have children. Lizzy believes that moms like her have a nostalgic feeling. They want their children to play with what they had played before.
  • The 90's kids can relive their childhood through their eBay store.
  • They source their stuff from Craigslist, Facebook, Thrift Stores, Estate Sales, Dumpsters.
  • Lizzy creates the listing. Her husband cleans the items and takes pictures. Their kids, 6 and 8, are involved in their business too. Their kids take pictures and test stuff by playing on them first. A true family business!
  • They just love shopping! So, the couple lists 150 items a day. Their motivation is: the sooner they can get the stuff listed, the sooner they can go to shopping again.
  • They take pictures in their dining room . There is no fancy set up. There is no high-end camera. They make use of whatever they have at hand.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they work 8am to 3pm when their kids are at school. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they are out to find stuff to list. Saturdays are garage sales and also their family time. At the end of the day, their kids get their ice creams.
  • They have tried different methods of pricing. But, Lizzy sees free shipping as a bonus. So they adapted free shipping for all their items. They build the cost of shipping to their items.
  • Lizzy admitted that they feel lazy in shipping stuff. If it is not easy to ship, Liz will not buy it. If it requires extra care in shipping, Liz will not buy it too.
  • She based her descriptions on sold items especially the ones sold at high price. She figured out that those must have good keywords and pictures. Sometimes she adds the word “weird” because people like weird stuff.
  • Lizzy wants to be at home with her kids, and selling online is her way to do it.
  • The kids and to have more family time are their biggest WHYs in starting their business!
  • Their biggest mistake in selling on eBay is selling stuff that successful sellers sell. They realized that what works for others may not work for them.
  • Their greatest lesson: We need to sell what we know and what we like.
  • Lizzy and Tom enjoy the simple, easy, stress-free business in their garage. They like to stick with the niche they have now.
  • Their future plans include expansion and hiring employees.


  • “You have to find your reason to do it!”
  • “If you don't have a WHY, you won't really have the motivation to do it.”
  • “There's no better way to learn than to mess it all up.”
  • “If it is not broken, I am not going to try to fix it.”
  • “When you sell on eBay, it consumes your whole life, and that becomes your family time.”
  • “A lot of weird stuff is sold on eBay every single day. I figured that if it is ugly or weird, it is going to sell.”
  • “When you have a good WHY, you can accomplish just about anything.”


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