132: How To Do The 40 Listings Every Day – Lynn Hudziak

Lynn is a full-time eBay seller, mom to 5 furbabies, and co-admin to Facebook group Thrifty Adventures. She has been selling full-time on eBay since 2002. She sells everything and anything that can be flipped for a profit.

Interesting Notes

  • Lynn is a single mom to three dogs and two cats — the five kids which she needs to feed. They are her excuse when she throws a low-ball offer and best offer.
  • Her eBay store is Dazy's Treasures. Dazy was the name of her dog at the time she started on eBay.
  • She started on eBay selling home-made dog biscuits.
  • Today, she sells everything and anything.
  • She is a thrifter. She goes to auction, garage sales, and buys online. She also does a little bit of retail arbitrage, that is, she goes to local retail stores, buys the stuff, and put it on eBay.
  • The length of time she spends on thrifting depends upon which store she is. Most of the thrift stores have different departments. Lynn would go by departments.
  • Right now, she has a death pile in her garage.
  • She became an expert on what sells on eBay because of experience from over the years.
  • One of her favorite finds is a lamp that looked like a monkey with its arms out holding a two-candle apple. She found it at a garage store. She bought it for $10. She threw it on the auction and went into a bidding war. It sells for $120. After the sale, she got a message saying, “Please tell me you have another one!”
  • She likes to put strange stuff in the auction.
  • Once, she came home from an Auction with an item that she had no clue what it was. It was a metal with a bunch of little pins sticking off and shaped like a rabbit. She got it for $10.
  • She took pictures of the item and threw it up in Lynne Dralle's Facebook group Queen's Court Forum. She asked the group to identify it. One figured it out as the wax used in making boutique fabric. Lynn listed the item for $200 and was sold within 12 hours.
  • Another unusual thing she had from an auction lot is a Christmas ornament that was supposed to be Minnie Mouse. It was not done in a traditional Minnie Mouse color that is blue. It was ugly and awful. Her mom wanted her to throw it, believing that nobody is going to buy it. But, Lynn listed it on eBay and was sold for $50. And she got a feedback from the buyer that says, “This is the ugliest thing I've ever seen!”
  • Lynn explained that with Promoted Listings, eBay gives all store owners a $30 virtual coupon per quarter. It is almost like a paper click. Your promoted item will show off and goes up higher in the search. It will actually appear in search twice: during a normal search, and then on promoted item search.
  • Clicking on a promoted listing does not charge a seller anything. A seller will only get charged when the promoted items sell.
  • Lynn loves Christmas ornaments and anything Disney. She knows a lot about the said two categories. It is something that she finds it easy to find, easy to sell, and easy to ship. Plus, Christmas ornaments and Disney things sell all year round.
  • She used to employ two people. One was a neighbor's daughter who was doing well. When Lynn went to San Jose for an eBay event, she lost contact with the girl. When she returned home, she never heard from the girl again.
  • Then she hired a friend's granddaughter who was a good worker too. Unfortunately, the second girl has a full-time job now.
  • So now, Lynn does all the eBay works by herself. On some days, she spends 12 hours working. On the other days, she works only one hour.
  • Doing eBay has allowed her to go on a cruise two years ago. Now, she is getting ready to go to Florida for a few days in March.
  • In cases when Lynn goes on a vacation, she puts her store on vacation. But she leaves it open and extends her handling time. Like when she went on a cruise, she extended her handling time to 10 days. It did not stop anybody from buying anything. Instead, she sold enough to cover the cost of the cruise.
  • Lynn helped in setting up eCom Chicago. She is also a part of its fan club.
  • At present, she is involved in a challenge that her friend started. The challenge is to list one item every day for January. She is posting it on her friend's Facebook page. She does the same with the Thrifty Adventure's group.
  • People liked it because it helped them. There are people who struggle to list one or two items. At least if you can get one every day, that is 30 new items by the end of the month.
  • Lynn's only aim this year is to increase her business by at least 50% over what she did last year. That means that she would be listing more items.

Advice, Tips, and Tricks

  • There is some stuff that Auction is not the right way to go. You better off sticking it on a fixed price or a fixed price with the best offer.
  • Lynn always has store sales going on her eBay. She schedules her sales over a weekend because a lot more people are shopping on eBay on those days. One of her best percentage offs is 11%.
  • She enrolled her store under Promoted Listings because there is no downside to it. If you are doing certain items and categories, you can control how much of a percentage you want to use a promotion for. It starts at 2% and goes as high as 20%. Lynn has hers at 12%. eBay also offers a trending rate where they will change your rate according to what the market is doing.
  • Lynn takes 200 pictures at one time. She would line up a bunch of items and take pictures. Then she would take those items and write her cheat sheets. Once she has the cheat sheets, she can list anytime, from anywhere.
  • Her cheat sheets include the size, dimension, color, and all the information about the items. Everything written on her cheat sheets allows her to do the description.
  • She has days when she can sit down and list 30 to 40 items a day.
  • The key to doing 40 listings every day is to do like-kind items. So, if she has a bunch of coffee mugs, she does 20 coffee mugs all at the same time. This way, you are changing only a few details in the listings.
  • Most of the time, she does Best Offer. This is so because, like everybody else, she also wants to get a good deal on something.


  • “If you see a Goodwill, you have to stop.”
  • “Ugly sells on eBay!”
  • “Everybody is out to get a good deal on something.”
  • “I was happy to put ten into 200!”
  • “I make money while I sleep!”
  • “Promoted Listings is an advertising that you won't pay for unless it sells. It's amazing!” – Ali Young

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