042: Flaming Introvert That Does It All – Lynn Ruby

Lynn Ruby is an award winning marketing strategist who works with small businesses, solo-preneurs and professional organizations to implement marketing strategies to meet their sales goals. She is the founder of Ruby Marketing, a full-service firm that offers coaching, consulting and “done for you” marketing services.

Since 2008, Lynn has worked with hundreds of small businesses who are really good at what they do and yet are sometimes confused, intimidated or overwhelmed by online marketing. Known for her edgy professionalism, Lynn has a realistic, results oriented approach to marketing. She’s a straight shooter about what does and doesn’t work.

Lynn lives in Arizona with her husband and teenage son and enjoys desert hiking, cycling and singing.

Interesting Notes

  • Prior to eBay, Lynn was working in a manufacturing business. From there she fell in love with Marketing. She then went back to school and did her degree in that area.
  • She considers herself to be a flaming introvert.
  • Her biggest failure was thinking that she could help everyone with their Marketing related needs.
  • When you are in business for yourself, you set the rules, you choose your clients and handle how your business is run.
  • Her success is going out and speaking on any platform that she can find regardless of size. This has helped her to develop more confidence as it relates to what she is currently doing.
  • In the future, she would like to expand her business but size and client base.


  • “Ensure that you take keen attention to your health”
  • “You need to niche”
  • “Go out and do it”


  • Tool for Email marketing
  • Constant Contact
  • Hootsuite
  • google docs
  • vimeo.com

Contact Information

  • Lynnruby.com