074: The Sunburst Queen – Lysa Voge

Lysa is the owner of Sunburst Nation. She was formerly Sunburst Fashions Boutique. Lysa is a powerseller with over 10,000 100% positive feedback. She sells hand-picked name brand and vintage Womans clothing such as Free People, Anthropologie, Zara, J.Crew and so much more.

Interesting Notes

  • Lysa changed her business name from Sunburst Fashions Boutique to Sunburst Nation. The former is too long. The latter sounds happy and allows growth in many areas.
  • She has no difficulty in changing her biz name because eBay operates worldwide. Paper works that came with the said change were not fun, though.
  • Lysa lives in the Twin Cities area. There are a lot of thrift stores in their area. She does not have a problem in finding her stuff.
  • She does the sourcing alone. She hand-picks everything from the thrift stores. She also gets referrals from friends and goes to people's houses. Sometimes, she meets them in the parking lot after their work.
  • Lysa gives cash for items she gets from people. She tries to beat the consignment store's prices.
  • She used to feel uncomfortable whenever she has to turn away items handed to her. She overcame it by reminding herself that it is pure business. She tried not to think of it as personal and then move forward.
  • Lysa takes pictures outdoors. She also uses different hues as tapestries. She takes a lot of pictures until she gets the lighting right.
  • She loves to use clean and nice background. She also loves to provide a complete look at her stuff. Like if it is a top, she pairs it with jeans or a skirt so that people could see the whole look and appreciate more the item.
  • Lysa does a lot of homework and research to come up with the prices of her items. She compares prices of similar items in some stores and in some eBay sellers. She tries to beat their prices.
  • Lysa gives free shipping in most of her items.
  • Lysa spends three (3) hours for twenty-five (25) items to complete the whole process. She does one task at a time. First, she takes pictures of the items. Then, take the measurements and write them down. Finally, she lists the items.
  • She does the whole process through her iPhone6. She used to do it through Auctiva but, found it too tedious. She switched to using her phone and found it easy and quick.
  • Lysa knows the brands that are going to sell. She gets ideas from years of studying fashion magazines. She memorizes brands when she looks at them in the store mazes.
  • Sometimes, she also takes chances. She takes risks on something that catches her eye and is unique.
  • To stay on top of the race, Lysa goes to Instagram to look for new and upcoming brands before they even hit the market.
  • She stays away from brands that overflood eBay. She avoided the ones that require tedious process of proving the authenticity. Instead, Lysa tries to find stuff that is unique and different; in style right now or would be in style.
  • Lysa trains her two (2) daughters to work for her. She pays and encourages them to put half of their earnings as savings for their college.
  • Her youngest daughter helps her in packaging and shipping. Her eldest daughter takes pictures and helps in listing the items. She also takes on her niece who does a lot of modeling for her.
  • Lysa's great lesson happened last year. A guy bought something from her but returned the items with missing parts asking for a refund. The buyer even threatened her.
  • She believes that you need to protect yourself every time you send something over $100. And so, she recommends buying an insurance, either from eBay or from the local post office.
  • At present, Lysa is looking for a full-time business partner. She needs someone who has the same passion as her, to get her business growing.


  • “Think of your future growth and possibilities. You never know what may come.”
  • “The supply is endless. There is so much out there.”
  • “If you want to do it, then just do it.”
  • “I believe anybody can do it!”
  • “If you do it all round, it becomes a habit.”
  • “Slow and steady wins the race.”
  • “Persistence pays off.”
  • “If you don't take a risk in life, you won't go anywhere.”


  • iPhone6

Contact Information

  • Website:¬†SunburstNation.com
  • Twitter:¬†@SunburstNation
  • Instagram: Sunburst Nation
  • Facebook: Sunburst Nation