018: Lysa Voge – Trending Women’s Clothing Since 2002

Lysa Voge is from Twin Cities Minnesota. She has been selling on eBay since 2002 with nearly 20,000 sold items and a 99.8% positive feedback rating. She sells hand-picked impeccable pre-owned and some new women's/misses current/future brand name trending clothing such as Anthropologie, J.Crew, Free People & more along with some vintage items.

Impact Person

Lysa’s Dad is a major influence on Lysa’s life. He has showed her the value of hard work. He continues to live on his own after suffering a debilitating stroke ten years ago, continuing to stay busy with major projects. Lysa feels if he can do that she can do anything.


Before Lysa’s mother passed away a few years ago, she spent a year taking care of her and her Father. She actually moved her business into their house, in order to do both.  Her sales slumped during this stressful time. It was a setback, more than a failure. Lysa's determination helped her pull through this time.


Lysa has always loved fashion and dreamed of a job in that field. It took a while to exceed the amount of income she was earning in the corporate world, but it was major triumph and a great feeling when she was able to accomplish that.

Current Business

Lysa sells popular Women’s fashions. She is looking to get as much product available as possible. She offers free shipping on almost everything. She ships internationally and uses eBay’s new Global plan, which she says is working well for her.

Life Before Current Business

Lysa has a college degree and worked in the corporate world. When she had her first baby she wanted to be home with her child. She had heard about eBay and wondered if it was something she could work into a successful business. She gave it a try and slowly developed a successful eBay business.

Helpful Tools:

Auctiva – for listings

Contact Information

  • Instagram: @Sunburst_Fashions_Boutique
  • Twitter: @SunburstFashion
  • Facebook: Sunburst Fashions Boutique
  • Google: Sunburst Fashions Boutique