077: Unlocking the Texas Gal’s Treasures – Margaret Collier

Margaret Collier sells on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon FBA and she also makes YouTube videos on her channel Texas Gal Treasures. She started reselling about 3 years ago when she left her teaching job to stay at home with her kids. It started when she went to some garage sales one Saturday morning for some “me” time. She kept finding cool things that she didn't necessarily want, but knew others would. She loves the thrill of the hunt!

Interesting Notes

  • Margaret stopped teaching at the time when her oldest kid turned to kindergarten. She wanted to be there for him in school.
  • Her husband saw that Margaret is with her kids the whole day. He suggested to Margaret to spend a “me” time in a garage sale or a coffee shop.
  • One Saturday, Margaret went to a garage sale with $36 in her little coin purse. She bought some stuff then sell it back home. Again, she went back to the garage sale, bought stuff and sell it again. It kept on going. That's how she started selling on eBay.
  • She had nothing in particular in mind to buy. She would pick a jewelry, not her style, but knew that it would something other people would find and wear. Or she would find sterling silver couplings and pick those up.
  • Margaret's eBay store has a variety of items. It goes from electronics to clothing, books, and jewelry. She just likes to buy everything.
  • The oldest and weirdest thing she got is a hard stuffed animal legend of Feen Feen The Siamese Wishing Cat Plush Woolnough. She priced it at $400.
  • She has a well-organized store that a buyer can know exactly where he/she wants to go. It is easy to navigate.
  • Margaret visits garage sales on a Friday or Saturday depending on what time she's got with her kids. There is also a couple of charity shops she likes to hit more so than big Goodwill types.
  • She spends 4 or 5 hours per day for her eBay business. Sometimes, she takes on a slower mode. At other times, she takes a bunch of bunch of pictures. She does everything on her own.
  • She uses her cell phone to take pictures for all her eBay business photos. She also drafts her listings on the phone.
  • Most of the time, she uses the best offer on all her items. On purpose, she priced her items higher than she is actually willing to take.
  • She did some A/B testing on free shipping and no free shipping. She found that there is no difference at all. It doesn't affects her sales. So, she adopted the no free shipping practice where she is more comfortable.
  • In giving a title to her items, Margaret does some research. She sees what pops up in Google, eBay search, and Etsy. If she can find similar things, she then opens up in 3 windows. She would see the pool of keywords that other people use. She takes the title from there.
  • In pricing, she does some research too on everything that she sells.
  • Margaret stores her inventory in their spare bedroom. She keeps her items in the closet with shelves. She has no difficulty in locating them when someone buys.
  • For packing of delicate stuff, she uses a bubble wrapper and tissue paper.
  • Margaret's items are saleable all throughout the year. In fact, last month, she has sold Christmas stuff.
  • eBay helps Margaret in keeping her positive feedback. She calls them for suggestions and recommendations on how to handle an issue.
  • There was a time when a buyer sends her a message. She did not know what to do. So, she called eBay and the customer service literally told her what to write in an email.
  • She is not bothered at all if buyers will not leave feedback. She believes she has enough feedback that people can see that she is reliable.
  • Her advice to new sellers: Don't be afraid to try new things.
  • Her husband supports her eBay business. Her dad is the one who is skeptical about it. But when Margaret sold couplings that were very expensive, her dad gave the approval by way of saying “Oh, I see why you are doing this!”
  • In the first year Margaret was selling, she wanted to save up money for her kids to go to summer camps. And they made it.
  • As of interview time, she is saving up money for their family vacation in a week's time.
  • Margaret wants to keep on doing what she does because she enjoys doing it.


  • “A lot of people tell me that I have a good eye. But, it is more of, I'm not afraid to try new things.”
  • “I just like to buy everything!”
  • “I don't get too emotionally attached to my items!”
  • “Don't be afraid to try new things.”


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