034: More Than Just Popping Bubbles – Mark Le Vine

Mark and Robin are the husband and wife team who own and operate Bubblefast. Bubblefast began in May of 1999 with the sale of a single roll of bubble wrap on eBay. Bubblefast has expanded from a home business selling a few products on eBay to a multi-channel full service shipping supply company occupying three adjacent warehouses and offering thousands of products on eBay, Amazon and the Bubblefast website. Mark and Robin pride themselves on being a friendly, reliable supplier of reasonably priced high quality shipping supplies. They credit their success to hard work, a dedication to customer service, social media marketing and a loyal customer base who consistently provide them with valuable feedback and suggestions for new products.

Interesting Moments

          • Bubblefast made its first sale on eBay in May 1999.
          • Mark got his degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois which he completed in 1982.
          • He started working for a CPA firm after the completion of his degree and then went from job to job until he eventually became CEO and CFO of a couple of companies. He wanted to make money for himself.
          • Bubblefast is Mark and Robin's passion. They spend a lot of time in the warehouse.
          • The rolls of bubble wrap were converted into small shippable sizes by the manufacturer.
          • In 2008, Mark and Robin had decided to stop packaging and shipping items on eBay for other people because it was not profitable due to the enormous amount of competition around.
          • Their biggest success is due to community, that is, they promote Bubblefast on social media and attend events so that they can meet new people who may refer them to their colleagues. They also have news letters once a month.
          • Mark and Robin were a big part of Ecom Chicago in October 2014 which was extremely successful. They will be part of another event in October 2015.
          • Mark's advice to persons who want to become successful on eBay is to listen to customers, research, find your own niche. You have to start from somewhere so find a mentor and just keep your eyes, ears and imagination wide open.
          • Mark learns from his failures as well as his successes.
          • The customers made the business successful because the duo listened to them.
          • They had to research what items are needed to ship the products and what exactly do their customers want.


          • “Take it a step at a time”
          • “Don't be afraid to do something that you have never done before”
          • “Have confidence”
          • “Listen to your customers”

Helpful Tools:

          • Multichannel Management, Microsoft Office tools- Excel &Access, Stamps.com, Constant Contact, Stamp Power, Turbo Lister

Contact Information

          • eBay: Bubblefast
          • email: mark@bubblefast.com
          • phone: 1-877-599-ship (7447)
          • facebook: Bubblefast
          • facebook: eCom Chicago (FB page for Conf. in October)
          • facebook: Shipping Tips and Tricks