060: The Face of eBay Latino – Melissa Paz

Melissa Paz is a full-time eBay seller and CEO of LazyBreeze Deals Inc. The busy mother of two also holds the monthly eBay Sellers of Central Florida Meetup, is an Admin on the eBay Stores Facebook Group and hosts eComBlab, an eCommerce talk show on Blab.im. She participated in the Meetup Leaders Summit held at eBay and was also selected to be an eBay Influencer for eBay’s 20th Anniversary event. Melissa is also an Ambassador under the eBay Government Relations team and recently spoke at the Hispanic Women's Conference in Utah. She also offers coaching to those who want to learn how to sell on eBay, with an emphasis on the Hispanic community. After lots of trial and error and selling a variety of items on eBay, she now focuses mainly on travel gear and drop shipping.

Interesting Notes

  • Melissa started selling on eBay in 2005 when she was still in college in Puerto Rico. It was only a hobby selling her used textbooks to make an extra cash, but turned serious in 2012 and became a full-blown enterprise.
  • In finding her niche, Melissa admitted that it was a lot of trial and error. First, she sold stuff from her house, used or new stuff she got for Christmas but never got to use it. Then at one time, tried beauty products, clothing, bedding, home decor, swimwear, women shoes, handbags, and almost anything you name.
  • She has tried a little bit of everything, but when she eventually fell into selling backpacks, luggage, and travel gear and got to deal with luggage companies and drop ship their products, she finally hit a niche for it.
  • Her products' prices depend on the company if they have max pricing, minimum advertising price, then it makes it easier because she knows that her competition is not allowed to go to a certain price point. However, if it is a free for all, then she focuses more on her marketing.
  • Melissa consistently sells above her competition's price point because her listings are more mobile friendly. She makes it sure she includes many photos as she can, and does a lot of social media marketing.
  • She manages to make her products stand out from competition by: 1. making sure that her titles are set up better and are more SEO and keyword friendly; 2. making sure that her descriptions are a little bit simplified and easier to understand so that the buyer can have a better time of it especially if they are on their mobile devices.
  • Melissa cited factors to look into to be successful on eBay such as: 1. How much work are you putting into the listing?; 2. How much marketing are you doing? Not just on eBay, but on other places in social media.; 3. Keep up with the changes and learn how to roll with the punches.; 4. Improve your processes to become more effective.; 5. Get the help that you need to be able to increase production.
  • Melissa is a host of eComBlab, a live streaming, interactive talk show about e-commerce and whatever subject or topic at hand for the day.
  • She is also pretty much everywhere in social media.
  • Here are her Tips and Tricks on How To Promote Yourself on Social Media: 1. If you want to start promoting in Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus, make sure your listings are as perfect as it can be.; 2. Use Buffer App to schedule your promotion.; 3. Make sure to have social items, not just products going out, so as not to spam your audience. Make sure to share other content too.; 4. Use If This Then That (IFTTT) to automate content and send out to Twitter feeds.
  • Melissa has represented eBay at Hispanic Women's Event hosted by Utah Chamber of Commerce and one of eBay's sponsored events where she provided a little bit of inspiration and motivation for everybody who wants to learn how to sell on eBay.
  • Due to the event, she now offers coaching to her fellow Hispanic in Orlando, an area which are filled with Hispanic, and created the eBay Latino group on Facebook.
  • She also wants to keep working with the Hispanic community and is trying to make eBay more friendly to Hispanic.
  • Melissa wants to keep adding more companies to the drop shipping and to keep on expanding the sales.
  • Her ultimate goal is to become the face of eBay in Latin America.


  • “You have to be very careful with your inventory level.”
  • “It's a process and, sometimes, it does not take overnight.”
  • “Once you've got systems in place, and you get going, it can turn into a really nice extra source of income.”
  • “I don't know what boredom is and I prefer not to know what it is.”
  • “That is part of the beauty of being able to do this full-time and not having to deal with yet another schedule.”
  • “I just deal with what I need to do.”
  • “I studied anthropology, but ended up selling on eBay instead, and I love it!”
  • “I didn't expect to fall in love with eBay, but I am very passionate about it now.”
  • “You've got to find a balance as to how much time you are spending, and got to really make sure that you'll get the return on your investment.”


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