027: Michael Carville – Sports Card and Coins

Mike Carville sells sports cards and coins on his website ultimatecardsandcoins.com and uses a Multiple Channel Control Panel to sell sports cards and coins on his website, eBay, and Amazon. He has been selling on eBay since 1998 and has over 66,000 positive feedbacks.


Mike shipped a package to china without the proper insurance and didn’t send it registered. The buyer said they did not receive it and Mike was out $1100.


Mike was one of the first people to list cards that have lower collectability, but are necessary for collectors to complete sets. Mike also developed a system that is a data base system especially for coin and card sellers.

Current Business

Gletech.com which is a database system that is optimized for sports cards sellers. It can be optimized for others, too.

Helpful Tools:

gletech.com – Mike created, uses and sells this Control Panel that is an eBay Compatible application which means that it was reviewed by eBay and meets eBay requirements. Mike uses the Endicia.com program for shipping. Mike talks about how Asia is a hotbed for basketball cards.

  • Website: ultimatecardsandcoin.com; gletech.com
  • eBay and Amazon at: ultimatecardsandcoins
  • Phone: 239-481-9789