011: Michelle Evans – Business Growth Strategist

Growing up, Michelle constantly heard the old adage work hard in school, go to a good college and work hard there, then get a good job and work really hard and you'll find success.

The only thing was she didn't feel successful.
Instead, Michelle felt tired, guilty, anxious, burned out and like she was surviving life instead of actively embracing and living it.
So, after more than 16 years building someone else?s dreams in Corporate America, Michelle decided to take the leap and build her own dreams and business as a coach helping others escape their jobs as well

Impact Person

Michelle's boss told her that she would lose bonus's because she would be on maternity leave. This experience made her understand that she really needed to make a change and start a business.


Michelle launched a coaching product that didn't perform as expected. She didn't have a good launch process, she didn't build an audience and didint understand online marketing.


Michelle used feed back from others what they really are interested in learning. This created a successful business model.

Interesting Moments

She knew that putting a little extra effort would help her escape for her job. She had coaches help her be successful thru her employer.
When Michelle failed with her coaching product she experienced devastating discouragement, but worked thru it.

Interesting Quotes

“Go thru the uncomfortable and push on thru”
“you wont be perfect straight out of the gates”

Useful Tools

  • She uses group calls and other audio to support her clients
  • WordPress
  • Lead pages
  • Go to webinar
  • Evernote

Contact Information