015: Miles Clemans – Managing Director of inDemand eCommerce

Miles Clemans is Managing Director of inDemand eCommerce, an eBay and Magento solutions provider. eBay has been the cornerstone of inDemand for the last eight years, becoming the largest Certified eBay Education Specialist in Australia back in 2006. inDemand now manages eBay sites for very large global and Australian brands such as Telstra, Dell Australia, Bonds, Hardyakka and Mossimo. An important and growing part of its suite of offerings is M2ePro, a Connector between Magento and eBay. The letter “M” is a major feature of inDemand’s offerings – Marketplaces, Magento, Management, and now M2ePro!

Impact Person

Miles' wife has been a major supporter of his efforts, she has stuck with him and now has her own business, fundraising on eBay. Also, Miles credits the Managing Director of a events company he worked for, for showing him that it's never too late to start a new venture.


Miles invested heavily in an exhibition area at a trade show that attracted a large amount of business. However, in the long run he felt the offering was underprices and that they were not able to properly service thier clients. A low ball special was not a good strategy, this was a lesson in pricing themselves.


Miles was able to find a way thru M2EPRO to update the eBay platform without re-listing products. He intends to take this technology to the market place soon. He also is very proud of becoming a partner with Telstra, Australia's largest company, InDemand E Commerce is supporting Telestra in their on line presence.

Life Before Current Business

Miles was born in South Africa, He's an Attorney who worked in Taiwan and Singapore in Finance before settling down in Australia and focusing on working with Large Brands and their on line sales presence.

Useful Tools

  • Miles love Microsoft Excel and recommends it for anyone who wants to deliver accurate reports,
  • He also uses Trello for project management.

Contact Information