090: eComdash, A One Stop Automation System – Nick Maglosky

Nick Maglosky is CEO of Ecomdash, an automation software system that streamlines backend eCommerce operations. Boring tasks like inventory syncing, sales order routing, product listings and supplier communication all become hands-off with eComdash. He loves his Blackberry, Cleveland sports, and calls Charlotte, NC his home.

Interesting Notes

      • Nick is from Ohio and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to work. He worked in the operations with the Fortune 500 companies. He worked there for five years.
      • Then he had a random career change and got into executive recruitment about three years. He got into that job so he can network marketing companies.
      • He got recruited by a startup technology company – a technology consulting type firm. He worked with them for four years. It was sold, however, and Nick was there when it happened.
      • Nick's dad and grandfather both have businesses. Later, Nick got the entrepreneur bug. He went to graduate school to get his MBA. After he graduated, he was looking for another startup to do. And eComdash came into the picture.
      • eComdash is an automation system that syncs your inventory across multi-channel and process sales orders. The founders, Kevin and Darren, have the bare bones of the inventory management application. In 2013, they posted in the Amazon forums looking for their first customers. Within an hour of posting the ads,
        they got a dozen people. After six months, they processed about $1M sales order.
      • Later, the founders got hooked up with TJ, the guy Nick used to work before. TJ offered the capital to get the founders' business started. It was with a condition that TJ would bring his guy to help run the company and give a life on the business side. And Nick came in the late of 2013.
      • Nick is now the CEO of eComdash. He is working with fourteen full-time employees.
      • eComdash is the perfect solution to most concerns of sellers selling in multi-channel. Most concerns are:
        1. How do I manage inventory if I am selling in multiple marketplaces?
        2. How do I ship my products?
        3. How do I manage my suppliers?
        4. How do I manage my SKUs?
      • eComdash products cater to:
        1. Someone who sells on at least two channels.
        2. Someone who is making at least $25,000 a month in sales.
        3. Someone who is selling hundreds of sales orders a month.
        4. Someone who has a limited staff and resources.
        5. Someone who and needs to have a tool as soon as possible to help him/her scales his/her sales.
      • eComdash will take care of the “behind the scenes” or back office tasks. This way, sellers can spend more time thinking how to market or sell their products. eComdash will manage the inventory level across all the platforms sellers are selling. Everything is automated. Sellers do not have to manually email their supplier and manually update their marketplaces.
      • eComdash is integrated into a lot of marketplaces. Each marketplace has different attributes.There is always a little bit of manual work that sellers have to do. But eComdash can save up to 85% to 90%of the legwork so sellers can start selling to another channel quickly.
      • 3 Easy Steps for a transition to eComdash:
        1. Sign up to be a seller on eBay and get your eBay credentials.
        2. Log in your credentials into eComdash
        3. eComdash will pull and download all your info directly from your source (ex. Magento) and upload it to eBay so you can effectively list your items on eBay.
      • eComdash still have customers they had since the beginning. The integrations that they are releasing and the functionality they come up with are 100% driven by user feedback.
      • As the CEO, customer service is very important to Nick. Support is one thing that eComdash takes pride on. They make themselves accessible to their customers. They get back quickly to their customer's concerns so that they will know what is going on.
      • The 3 things their customers can contact them are:
        1. Through email
        2. Through live chat within eComdash's application
        3. Through phone call
        Customers can also visit their website and schedule a consultation.
      • eComdash also has a mobile app. Sellers can be in their warehouse doing a physical audit check.They can scale the barcode in their warehouse and the app can tell exactly how much inventory is ineComdash. eComdash acts as the seller's system of record. They can give sellers the audit checks in their warehouse. This ensures that the inventory bounces match up.
      • eComdash have affordable products. Their pricing starts at $50 per month. The pricing goes up depending on the number of the sales order a month.
      • Nick tries to keep a positive attitude. Being positive helps him get the confidence and keep the momentum. They are not yet done with their products yet. There is a lot more that they want to do. They want to continue to get more customers and grow their products. They want to create a platform to scale the listing. They will continue to have strategic partnerships and work alongside with them. They are keeping up with the new releases that the marketplaces are doing.
      • Nick knew of people who came into eComdash a couple of years ago and are now selling into two to five channels. Those are people who quadruple their sales. And Nick finds it fun to be a part of the people's success stories.


      • “Everyone sells different products. Everyone sells in different ways.”
      • “You can't be all things to all people.”
      • “There is no cookie-cutter way of running an eCommerce business.”

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