026: Prosper Mamane – 25 Year Old Amazing Entrepreneur

Prosper Mamane is 25 years old and lives in Bay Harbor Islands, FL (a small town just out of Miami Beach). He was born in Miami Beach, and has lived there his entire life. He has been working with people since he was about 13 years in his community Synagogue running the kids programs. He has not stopped working since. He is now the online sales director for their 6 online stores as well as their local store in North Miami where they have been in business for over 25 years.


Last year Prosper had a sports injury and as a result, wasn’t able to monitor the store the way he normally did. Questions weren’t answered and situations weren’t handled as quickly as they were required. As a result eBay put a restriction on their account. They really had to work hard to improve their customer service to bring their standing back up.


Prospers’ Uncle hooked up with WHI (Wrench Head Industries) at the Apex Auto Show in Las Vegas. Their partnership allows them to acquire everyone’s catalog and push products onto eBay automatically. Their store went from 100 items to 10,000 items in the course of 5 months.

Current Business

Their eBay business is now a complete air conditioning solution. Everything they sell has free shipping.

Helpful Tools:

Terapeak is one of their biggest assets for research. This is how they make sure they have the best price on-line for air conditioner parts. They use ShipStation for shipping.

Contact Information

  • Website: rycompressors.com
  • Email: rycompressors@gmail.com.
  • They will answer any air conditioning questions directly. Feel free to contact them with any auto air conditioning questions.