031: Entrepreneur at 18 – Robin Weber

Robin Weber is 29 years old. He lives in Tampa, Florida, but is originally from Stuttgart, Germany. He started his business, BillyTheTree Jewelry, when he was just 18 years old. He now sells jewelry, watches, and sunglasses across various online channels, and through his physical store in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.

Interesting Moments

    • Robin's father was an influence to him going on the rather insane entrepreneurial track. He comes from a generation of entrepreneurs.
    • When he was 18, his father pushed him into starting his own business and assisted with the paperwork.
    • At age 10 or 11 Robin was thinking that he preferred to be the boss rather than someone working for a boss.
    • eBay has put into place a lot of polices, e.g. the Buyers guarantee. Therefore no one can get away with buying fakes for long.
    • Christmas of 2013 ebay instituted a new photo policy where photos had to be a minimum of 500 pixels on the longest width. Robin got the notification about 6 months before the effective date and was working on a big project so he did not paid much attention to it as he thought eBay would of automatically edit the existing products. Just before Christmas eBay contacting him stating that about 700 of the products were in violation with their picture policy. Robin and his dad had to do about 15 hours of editing that night. Ignoring the notice was not very cautious.
    • Christmas of 2013, he recalls getting 50 orders of the same watch in 4 hours because eBay featured that product on their homepage.
    • Robin's biggest fear was not having enough to eat.
    • Robin said he would have probably name his company something different. The current name is Billy the Tree. He got called for tree stump removal earlier in the year because of the name.


    • “Don't expect to get rich overnight”
    • “Hard work will pay off”
    • “Patience”
    • “Every failure is an opportunity to learn and start over”
    • “I never started the business with the thought of it is this or nothing”
    • “Focusing on yourself, focusing on your presentation, your customer service”

Helpful Tools:

      Basic eBAy Anchor Store (Biggest Subscription), Blackthorn, Spreadsheet

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