013: Rob Kaldor – Experienced Senior Management Consultant

Rob Kaldor is an experienced senior management consultant with vast experience across retail in Australia. Rob is currently working a Booktopia, Australia’s largest online Bookseller, managing many of their sales channels including eBay. Rob was a contributor to the book “Understanding Y – a Guide to Generation Y” – writing a chapter on the reading habits of millennials.

Impact Person

Paul Greenberg started Deals Direct in a room above a shop.  Deals Direct now has a warehouse that is 4 or 5 football fields in size.  It is the largest department store in Australia.  Originally, Paul was a mentor figure and now they are mates (friends).  Paul now heads up the National Online Retailers Association.


Rob talks about his failure with FREE shipping.  If he would have looked at previous years data, he would have seen that offering FREE shipping doesn't give the spike you look for.


Rob's success story is about his no budget producing podcast show they did to show they had book expertise.  Interviewing 70+ world reknown authors they proved their point.

Interesting Moments

Rob was a High School teacher for a few years only to realize it is the hardest job with very little gratitute.
While living in South Africa, he met then married his wife. When his visa as a teacher was rejected, he convinced the Australian Government Trade Commission to hire him where he worked in the Trade Department.
“eBay is like a shopping center. People come to buy, whereas a billboard on a highway says ‘come this way'”.
“I live on Terapeak. I think that people that haven't used it in eBay are just kidding themselves”.

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