044: From $100 to Empire – Robyn Johnson

Robyn started with buying and selling items at garage sales and Craigslist, moving to eBay, then Amazon. Starting with only $100 taken from their emergency fund, she has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars on eBay and over a million dollars on Amazon. Robyn is the author of the Proven Wholesale Course and the Proven Bundling Course. She is also a contributor to the popular Proven Amazon Course.

Interesting Notes

  • Robyn started her eBay business with $100.
  • Her family has started selling online as well.
  • She started buying baby items and clothing from garage sales.
  • Robyn usually has this fear of failure in August when sales reduce and she is spending a lot of money on inventory but in fourth quarter it usually picks up tremendously.
  • She has a team of individuals who assist her in running her business smoothly.
  • Robyn hopes to grow her eBay and Amazon business as well as her coaching business.
  • She has really great people on her team which helps her to focus on new things.
  • She can be away from her business for 3 weeks and things would still run smoothly.
  • Robyn has created courses to assist others with their businesses.
  • Robyn's advice to persons who are looking to start their eBay business is to find a niche that you love, search for a completed listing on eBay then start looking for those things to sell.


  • “I am going to figure this out”
  • “Sometimes there is that fear that you have to break through”
  • “Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway”
  • “There is real opportunities everywhere once you push pass that fear of “what if I make a mistake and what if I fail?”
  • “You have to love something. So find that something that you love”
  • “Focus on one thing master it then add a new skill”


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