127: How To #eBayHustle If You Have A Full-Time Work – Ryan Kinnison

Ryan is a reseller and the owner of Hand Picked Elements, a store on eBay. He has been in business for almost 4 years and has over 800-900 items available in his store for sale.

Interesting Notes

  • Ryan has a full-time job. He does eBay on the side and works on it at night. He does a one-man show using their house basement for his eBay biz.
  • He has always been a big fan of some TV shows like The Resellers, American Pickers, Storage Wars, and other similar shows.
  • He used to work with a guy who sells on Amazon and thought to himself, why not give it a try. After all, it is another way to come up with extra income.
  • With some money saved up, Ryan decided to get into the reselling business.
  • He started sourcing his inventory for a couple of months before he launched his store on eBay. He made some research and watched some videos on YouTube, and joined Facebook groups. He did it to learn as much as he can about the basics of reselling and what kind of stuff to look for.
  • When he launched his store, he started with the minimum requirements that eBay gave him. He sold his first item and one thing led to another.
  • He started to sell books and then sell a little bit of everything. A few months ago, he started to gather shoes. Now, he has different categories and continues to add more. He tries to learn a new category to sell as he goes along.
  • There are so many categories on eBay that people are looking for everything. Ryan wants to offer it to them.
  • He sources his items from thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales. Every time he goes sourcing, he has his eBay App up to check the prices.
  • He keeps an eye on items which he could make a certain amount. If he spends $2 on an item, he is looking to make $20. He wants to make a nice return on investment with whatever he is buying.
  • Over the last 4 years, he becomes more picky. When he first started, he was a free-for-all. Now, he has more knowledge of what sells for higher prices. He is always on the lookout for high dollar items.
  • He thinks that the items that make only a couple of bucks are not worth the time to take pictures, list, and ship. He would instead spend a little bit more on something, like $7 or $8 hoping to get back $40 or $50 on it.
  • Ryan is always looking for new stores. He has 8-10 stores that are half an hour drive from their house. He also checks out stores in Chicago, where he does some work a couple of times in a month.
  • The advantage of having stores close to him is that it makes his trip in there quick. He will only look at the new items that have not been there on his previous visit.
  • He can visit at least 2 to 3 stores throughout a week during his one-hour lunch break.
  • Ryan has a basic photo booth. He uses two pieces of poster board, a good lighting around it, and a Nikon digital camera. He transfers all the pictures to his computer and does the listings.
  • He gets 10 or 20 items together and gets their pictures all at once. Then he would transfer the pictures to his laptop and do the listings all at once. Doing this makes it easier for him to list.
  • When he is listing, he would have two or three browser windows up and work on many listings at the same time.
  • He has never pulled off anything from his store. He has items that don't sell for as long as 2 years. eBay will notify a seller of items that do not sell for longer than 16 months. In this case, he would change the price and update his listings.
  • Some of the money he makes from eBay are re-invested to buy more items. Some are saved up for a family vacation or whatever.
  • He re-invests because he wants to grow his store bigger. Last year, he had around 600 items in his store. Now, he has 850 items.
  • All his shipments are picked up. Some he drops on his way to work or traveling home from work.
  • His book inventory is more organized with boxes and all labeled. Everything else is a free-for-all.
  • Ryan gives a generic 10% off on everything in his store except for the newly listed items which have to wait for one month.
  • He priced his items competitively with the sold listings.
  • There are times when he forgets to end his sale at the end of the month. There are also a few times when he forgot to start the sale right away and it would already be the 3rd of the month. He would notice that there is always a drop in sales whenever there is no sale.
  • His next goal is to make his full-time job a part-time job so that he can scale up his eBay biz for more. He still wants to keep a corporate work even if it is part-time so he can get some benefits.
  • He would not mind getting his wife involve especially when his store gets bigger. If he will have only a part-time work, then he will have more time to do eBay during the day.
  • His ultimate goal is to continue to scale up his eBay store.

Advice, Tips, and Tricks

  • Take advantage of eBay. For as long as you stay within the number of listings your store gets, you would not be charged an extra.
  • Anybody can start it out on eBay. Just spend a couple of hours a day working on it.
  • You can even start with items around your house. You don't have to have the funds saved up to go out. You can start by looking around your house and see what you got for sale.


  • “Take full advantage of eBay!”
  • “If it has a nice return on investment, buy it 10 times more.”
  • “The time I do spend, I need to make more profit.”
  • “It never hurts to ask for a discount.”
  • “A one man's junk is another man's riches.” – Ali Young


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