012: Satish Khera – From Buying Gems to Selling Them

Satish sells gem stones and jewelry on Ebay. He has been selling on Ebay in India for 13 years. Satish was buying gems from sellers in the US. Satish thought “why shouldnt I sell on Ebay instead just buying?” He left his job in 2008 and now employs ten people. He believes you should change your intentory frequently, and charge shipping seperatly.

Impact Person

Per Satish, he has worked hard and cannot name just one person of many that has helped him.  Probably like most of us, that is a hard task to do.  Many people influence us doing our lives.  Some more than others.


Satish has struggled to balance family and business. At first this was not a problem, but as business grew it became more dificult. He says you cant please everyone everytime, 10% wont be happy, he tell us not to focus on them.


Satish Hard work to create a successful business and there have been many successes, he started with zero money. He tries to keep a postive viewpoint.

Interesting Moments

She knew that putting a little extra effort would help her escape for her job. She had coaches help her be successful thru her employer.
When Michelle failed with her coaching product she experienced devastating discouragement, but worked thru it.

Interesting Moments

Satish has a master degree, and it has helped him doing business on eBay. He build his eBay business while still working in an office. It took several years, but he believed he could do it, working long hours.

“Be crazy about the things you are selling”
“Start Big”

Useful Tools

  • Researches on eBay
  • Turbo Lister
  • Front Page
  • Photoshop
  • Quicken

Contact Information