099: Know Your eBay Profits with The MyCost Pro Duo – Scott and Hunter

Scott and Hunter are the co-creators of MyCostPro. Scott has been a part time eBay reseller for the last 17 years. Hunter is a software engineer with 13 years of application development experience. Together they developed MyCostPro, an eBay Certified app for Excel that connects to your seller account, downloads your sales, automates reporting, and generally makes seller's lives easier.

Interesting Notes

  • Scott and Hunter went to college together. They have worked on the same job in an Electronic Boutique in the mall selling video games.
  • Now, they both have separate full-time jobs. Scott is a Business major and works in a corporate world. While Hunter is a programmer for 13 years.
  • Scott sold spreadsheets. He used to give manually his customers a spreadsheet when they purchased from him. At one point, Scott asked Hunter if it could be automated. Hunter is an application developer but never did a website development. It was a challenge to Hunter to learn it on. They set up a server to distribute Scott's old spreadsheets. At the same time, they worked on a new spreadsheet. That is how the MyCostPro came about.
  • Since they have different backgrounds, they do separate jobs in MyCostPro. Scott does the website stuff that he is capable of. While Hunter does all the technical stuff.
  • Hunter treats Scott as a customer. Scott would come to him with technical requirements and Hunter make this happen.
  • Scott has a YouTube channel for basic excel tutorials. He has 2400 subscribers.
  • MyCostPro runs on an excel framework. With the click of a button, it will download up to the last 90 days of your sale. It gets everything from the item description, the sale date and price, the shipping cost, customer information, etc…You can also relist your items from there. It can keep your email list up to date.
  • Here are some Cool Features of MyCostPro:
    1. It can extract your Profit/Loss performance.
    2. It can extract a Product Master List where you can list all the products that sell and its cost. For sellers who sells the same thing, you can put the cost at one time.
    3. It can import an unsold item and re-list it on eBay.
    4. It can edit the current quantities in bulk.
  • Every feature that they put in the sheet is borne out of the desire to make the lives of eBay sellers easier. With an automated data recording, sellers would have more time to spend on sourcing, selling and helping their customers.
  • Scott and Hunter get more new ideas as they continue to interact with their customers. With this, they promise to add more features to make things more efficient and better for eBay sellers.
  • Their spreadsheet works on all eBay platforms. They have customers in Australia, Singapore, Portugal, UK, and all around the world.
  • If you can figure out how to open an excel and paste the download code, then you can manage the whole MyCostPro thing. Because it is pretty much a “point and click” thing.
  • Their website has video tutorials to guide you through. They have forms where people can comment or ask questions on technical challenges. People can also call or email them directly.
  • Go to their site, MyCostPro.com/download and review the features before you make a purchase. They set up a coupon code for this podcast listeners to get a 14-day FREE trial. To get the 14-day FREE trial, type in the Ron and Ali or RonAndAli in the download code. If you don't like it, you can cancel it and you won't be charged anything.
  • They might integrate their product to Etsy and Amazon. But right now, they focus more on adding features on eBay.
  • They want to see that their customer base will grow. They rely on the word of mouth of their present customers. And they hope their 14-day FREE Trial will push their product a lot.

Advice, Tips, and Tricks

  • 1. Make sure you know your profit margins so you would not waste time selling and not making money.
  • 2. Focus your efforts on something that would make you the profit margin for the amount of time you spend on it.
  • 3. You need to understand your high-margin products so you can focus more time on selling this stuff.


  • “It is important to get people started. Show people how to do basic things to make them comfortable.”
  • “It is great to learn new things, have fun, and see results in a matter of months!”
  • “In any business you are doing, you need to understand how much money you are making.”
  • “The very basic of any business is: You need to make money!”
  • “It is not so much on what you like to sell, but it is what making you the most money that you need to focus on.”
  • “There is something about working for yourself. You can work so much harder and work for yourself, but feel so much more rewarded for the time.”

Contact Information

  • Website: https://mycostpro.com (You can use coupon code of ” ronandali ” to get your free 14 day trial)
  • Email: support@mycostpro.com