038: Passion for Fashion – Staci Rybacek

Staci enjoys “hunting” for the treasures, researching new items and finding them the perfect home. She has always had a love for fashion.  She has served as the president of the Chicago Fashion Foundation and as a member of the Fashion Group International.  Staci continues her engagement with the industry by writing about the latest trends, red carpet events and her experiences on my personal blog.  Before starting Right Brain Boutique, Staci worked in corporate retail at Sears, Claire’s, Marshall Associates and Uniforms To You and in-stores at Bloomingdale’s, Casual Corner and Vanity.

Interesting Notes

  • Staci usually works in the city and now she attends events.
  • She uses her the latest model of iPhone to take her pictures.  She sets up an area to do this.
  • Staci recently started doing online auctions.
  • She had a garage sale and had some items left over.  So she decided to list them on eBay even though she had never bought an item from the site.  Like many, that is how she started her eBay Business.
  • She packs “Thank You” postcards and wrap the items with bubble wraps which helps her to get great feedbacks.
  • She has a personal blog website. She also lists her eBay items on it.
  • She has an assistant that helps her with inventory.


  • “I'll give it a try”
  • “Can we try it and see?”


  • iPhone
  • She uses an inventory spreadsheet that records the relevant information.
  • eBay App
  • Vista Print for postcards

Contact Information