024: Steve and Jacque Gilmore- Sterling Silver & Stainless Steel Jewelry

Steve and Jacque Gilmore have been selling on eBay since 1999. They are a home-based eBay business, having completed over 80,000 transactions. They are closing in on an amazing feedback milestone of 50,000. Their user ID is enchanted-silver and their product line is sterling silver and stainless steel jewelry items.


Steve sent a large amount of money to china to have a product manufactured and never heard from the company again! Early on in the process Steve’s store was too general. It took a long time to get the photography right, he still struggles with it. He feels one of their biggest mistakes was offering the same stuff for too long. He says you should keep an eye on non-sellers.


Steve started with antenna balls and was quite successful at it.

Current Business

Steve and Jacque have a home based eBay business selling sterling silver jewelry. The eBay business allows his wife to spend time with their three boys.

Life Before Current Business

Steve still works in the healthcare finance business. Steve sold his antenna balls off line before ebay. He stumbled onto to eBay as another outlet to sell products.

Helpful Tools:

Steve uses Six Bit Software for auction management, QuickBooks for business management, and all of his item data is loaded into excel before being is loaded into the auction management software. eShip is his postage platform. He uses logmein.com to keep track of what’s going on with his business from anywhere in the world.

Steve works shipping into the price he thinks free shipping is critical. However, He does charge shipping for international orders.

Contact Information

  • eBay Store – enchanted-silver