068: The Story of Us – Ron and Ali

  The Meeting

  • Web Designers by default…
  • On January 2010, Ron went to India to train 27 people to do his job, which is outsourced to India. He worked the night shift to cater to US market hours and that gave him more time to do a lot of things. He decided to learn more about HTML and web designs. He started to search google which led him to 1stoptutorials.com website. He emailed the web owner, Ali, who rarely responds to emails. Luckily, Ali responded to Ron's email, and that was when everything began.
  • Ron came back to US in April. He and Ali continued to course back through all kinds of communication like Join.me and in emails.

The Virtual Partnership

  • They created a website to make money from internet marketing. They thought that people will come but did not. Internet marketing became their first learning curve.
  • But it did not stop them. They continued to challenge themselves and asked, “what can we do? what are we good at?” They agreed that they both are good in coding, graphic design, and eBook generation. That was when Auction Pro Templates was born.
  • At first, Auction ProTemplates' name is eBay Templates. 30 minutes after it went online, Ron got emails from eBay lawyers. They told him that he cannot use ‘eBay' in his domain name. Respecting eBay, Ron and Ali instead named their website AuctionProTemplates.com. It became part of who they are today.
  • AuctionProTemplates.com helps you build your brand. Do you have a website? Do you also have an eBay store or plans to have one? Do you want your website and your eBay store to look the same? AuctionProTemplates.com will do it for you. Ron and Ali have been doing that for years and got lots of clients who are happy with their work.
  • The virtual partner's entrepreneurial minds never stopped thinking. “What else can we do? What is the next best thing that we can do?” They also listened to the needs of their clients. A lot of them said, “I understand a little bit of code”. “I know how to do a little bit of basic stuff”. “Have you got something cheaper and I can invest some time in?” In answer to those, Premium DIY eBay Templates came in.
  • Ron and Ali spent 9 months creating Premium DIY eBay Templates. They poured so much love into it with only one thing in mind: “How can we help?” So, Ali created a 17 step by step video tutorials to help you customize your eBay store and listing. Anybody can do it. Ron and Ali wanted to make sure that you understand what you are doing. You will also get their 100% support, in any way they can, if you get stuck.
  • “How do I do it? How do I sell more on eBay? How do I get better ranking on eBay?” These questions came after AuctionProTemplates and Premium DIY eBay Templates. In as much as Ron and Ali wanted to help more people, they don't know some of the things. That is when So You Wanna Sell On eBay came about. It is a podcast show that allows people who have the knowledge of running an eBay store to share tips and tricks. It allows people who are selling on eBay to come on board and find out how they start from nothing to something.

The Trademark

  • Ron and Ali always wanted to have ‘eBay' on their domain name. They wanted to get into an eBay niche so they look around how to do it. Ron emailed eBay asking the blessing to have eBay's name in the domain of So You Wanna Sell On eBay as a podcast show. But eBay replied: “No, we don't lend our name. We don't sell our name. We don't let anybody use our name in their domain name”.
  • But the negative replies never nailed Ron down. He googled eBay templates and saw domain names with the word eBay on it. He showed it to eBay, pointing that those domains were not done in an ethical way. He persisted in his email that his main goal is to promote eBay and will not allow people to bash eBay. Over time, eBay realized that Ron is serious and would want to do a good, legitimate, and ethical job. eBay sent Ron and Ali a form which they signed and now forms part of the trademark agreement with them.

The Failures

  • Ron and Ali have made some bad mistakes. They have learned that lack of focus on so many projects has caused them to fail.
  • With the podcast show, they started it with only the knowledge of how other people have been doing it. They joined certain forums that made them better. On the first two months of their operation, they felt that they are not ready and not good enough. Then they took aside their fears. They become comfortable with the microphone. They felt comfortable working with each other and on interviewing people. They got better. Now, their episodes are more conversational.
  • Their biggest challenge is Time Management. Ron has a full-time job. Ali has full-time gigs. Plus the 12 hours away from each other. With only a short window to get to work with each other, they realized that they need to maximize it. Each does his own part so that the next time they talk, they have accomplished something.
  • They also hired a Virtual Assistant who helps them do more tasks. They hired too a production team, Pro Voice Works. It helps makes their ads and recording sound awesome.
  • Ron and Ali have learned to pick their selves up; dust themselves up and move on. And, along the way, they made many friends.

The Success

  • To date, their podcast show has had 132,000 downloads in just over a year. They averaged from 500 to 600 downloads a day. Their podcast has become the listener's companion while listing or sourcing products.
  • Ron and Ali extend their deepest appreciation to all who patronize their podcast.
  • Successes of people they have interviewed are equally important too.
  • Meanwhile, Premium DIY eBay Template produces cool looking eBay stores. A lot of eBay sellers embarked on the challenge, do it themselves and take the pride of doing it.
  • And so, for Ron and Ali, their BIG SUCCESS is: they are able to tell and show people that they can do it!

The Invitation

  • Today, So You Wanna Sell On eBay is for anybody who thinks about starting an eBay business. It is for anybody who has already an eBay business and wants to make it better.
  • Ron and Ali have interviewed a lot of the top sellers in the US and around the world. You might think, “I am not worthy! I don't have enough experience to share. I don't belong to the cream of the crop!”
  • Well, Ron and Ali like to explore notes every week. They would love to interview people who have come from nothing and started making money. So whatever story you may have is all welcome to them. They believe that you are the bearer of great riches worthy to be heard.

The Future

  • They want their podcast show to become a big thing to everyone. They want to keep eBay sellers updated on the new things about running an eBay store. They want to keep building So You Wanna Sell On eBay so they will change the format a little bit. They plan to come up with a weekly podcast that picks up a certain topic and talk about it themselves.
  • They also plan to have a podcast for Amazon Sellers and maybe call it So You Wanna Sell On Amazon.
  • Next on their list too is to conduct webinars and video.


  • “It is a cool feeling when you are able to do something that not many people can do!”
  • “Our success depends on their (client) success.”
  • “If you wait for something until perfection, it will never be done.”

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